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Apple Bonsai: One of the Incredible Fruit Bonsai

Apple Bonsai: One of the Incredible Fruit Bonsai

One apple a day, keeps the doctor away. However, we are not going to talk about apple in general but the discussion will be about the apple bonsai.

You must have heard about the pitch apple or the apple bonsai; this miniature of apple tree that has been widely cultivated as ornamental bonsai in several tropical regions. The apple bonsai is originated from Ecuador.

This ornamental tree is known as the autograph tree since the leathery paddle leaves can remain some marks after scratch.

Apple bonsai Tree

If you want the apple bonsai to last for years; you should provide more patients to give proper maintain. Similar to other regular apple, the apple bonsai also bears edible fruit. Before bearing fruit, the apple bonsai grows flowers in pink and white and once the flower drop; it turns into coin size apple fruits.


You can imagine how beautiful to have this kind of bonsai at your house or desk. If you have this bonsai in mind, below is a short tip on how to maintain the apple bonsai as well as make it always beautiful.

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Apple bonsai Care

applebonsaicareThe Apple bonsai can grow well indoor or outdoor; if you keep the bonsai indoor, you just need to provide high intensity of light.

During spring and summer, it is best to place the bonsai outdoor to give maximal sunlight supply.

Surprisingly, the apple bonsai is cold resistant; however, the roots should be well-protected.

When the temperature drops under 45 degrees it is best to keep the bonsai inside and place it by the windowsill. During the winter, six hours sun light per day will keep the bonsai healthy; however, the more sunlight will be better.

The pitch apple bonsai requires a plenty amount of water especially during fruit bearing time. Enough water supplies will make the fruit stay healthy and fresh. The bonsai dislikes dry soil and require the moist soil type.

You can use the moist meter to know the moisture level. Always water the bonsai once the soil becomes dry but do not let the soil becomes complete dry. The watering methods are not very necessary, but make sure that the bonsai is well-watered.

To keep the bonsai healthy, fertilizing is a must. Once a month of fertilizing, except during winter, are enough to make the tree grow healthy and beautiful as you desire. The bonsai also do not need fertilizer during the bearing fruit season since it can make the fruit will not grow properly.

If you can maintain the care for apple bonsai; it will grow for years and bear fruit. For your information, the apple bonsai fruit is much smaller than regular apple. The size is as big as coin; however it is just as edible as the regular one.


To keep the tree in the miniature size, you can trim and pinch the newly growth leaves in the farthest point. However, do not remove all the new leaves to keep the tree healthy.

Most all of the sub-tropical and tropical trees require periodic trimming and pinching, so does the apple bonsai. You can determine the trimming schedule according to the growth level of each bonsai.

All bonsai require periodic repotting to provide the tree with new fresh and nutritious soil in which is essential for the excellent root system as well as the tree growth.

The right time for repotting is in mid-summer; however, you can schedule the repotting according to the tree growth rate. Similar to other plants, the apple bonsai also prone to insect and disease; therefore you should be very careful not to get it infect by diseases.

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