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All You Need to Know Before Planting Tulip Flowers in Your Garden

All You Need to Know Before Planting Tulip Flowers in Your Garden

Should you try to list out the most beautiful flowers in the world that has gained great popularity at the same time, you surely can never put aside tulip flowers from the list.

Most of the time, many home gardeners are simply in love with the beautiful and vibrant appearance of this flowering plant. Tulips flowers come with a great capacity to add a striking look to your home garden.

However, in order to enjoy the beautiful addition of tulip flowers in your home garden, it is important that you know how to take a good care of these flowers.

Each time we talk about tulip flowers, a country named Holland instantly rings the bell since they are known as one of the largest exporter of tulip in the world. Every year, thousands of bulbs of tulip flowers are shipped out to many different destinations all around the globe.

However, the way this beautiful and vivacious flower got its name is not associated to the Netherlands culture or history. In fact, the name actually came from the Turkish word for turban. The Turkish people called this flower ‘tulbend’ due to the fact that it resembles the shape of their turban.


Tulips actually belong to the liliaceous plant family and are mostly marked with elegant and bright-colored flowers that come in the shape of a cup. Interestingly, this would be the flower that actually bloom in spring season before any other flower does. Thanks to the beautiful appearance of tulip, it seems that we just cannot get enough of them.

Even though history has it that we have been cultivated this attractive flowering plants for more than 500 years, the cultivation activity does not show any sign of slowing down and the demand for tulip flowers in the global market of flower keeps on increasing from year to year.

Luckily, we have been very familiar with many tulip varieties. Before you choose the kind of tulip flowers for your landscape or garden, it would be best if you recognize various types of tulip flowers and their own special characteristics.

Tulip Varieties

Planting tulips can be a great deal of fun especially when it is about time for you to enjoy the blooming session. The fact is that tulip flowers have come in many different varieties and you need to recognize them just in case each variety comes with different requirements.

Today, the world of tulips has recognized up to70 different species of tulip. Numerous flower experts and botanists have clearly revealed that we now have numerous tulip varieties.

In Kazakhstan, we can feast our eyes with more than thirty different species of tulip flowers. If we take the tulip varieties found in many other countries into account, the list of tulip varieties should be very long.

Apparently, we have recognized different species of tulip where each variety requires different type of climate. One thing for sure, any type of tulip that you choose, it is very important that you can be very knowledgeable about planting tulips and how to care for them properly. Here are some of the most popular tulip varieties that might be interested for you.

Single Early Tulips and Double Early Tulips are obviously among the most popular tulip varieties.


The first variety normally blooms in early spring and is now available in a wide range of different colors including various pastel shades and jewel stones. Most gardeners find it very beautiful to make borders in their garden with this tulip variety and it can be a great addition to a rock garden.


The Double Early Tulips, on the other hand, may come in various shades of pink, yellow, white, red and orange. It has turned out to be a great choice for container gardening.


If you find the type of tulip that blooms in mid spring, it must be the Triumph Tulip. Many gardeners see it as the most important variety and make it a great indoor plant. You can enjoy various colors from this tulip variety including shades of white, pink, purple, apricot, red, orange and yellow.


Darwin Hybrid Tulips are known as the one that flowers from mid to late of spring. In addition to their black, pink, white, orange, red and yellow appearance, this type of tulip comes in a pyramid shape.


Fringed Tulips are also available in many attractive colors and it is mostly marked by its blooming style where a single cup with fringes of crystal shape appears.

If you like to enjoy an oval-shaped tulip flower with very long stem, you must love to have Single Late Tulips in your garden. This can be a great choice for our bed or border flowering plants. You can find this variety in shades of yellow, white, black or pink.

There are many other tulip varieties out there and they seem to come up with their own unique characteristics. That has made choosing tulip flowers for your garden very fun and enjoyable.

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Some Simple Tips in Planting Tulips

Naturally, tulip flowers can be found in many places on earth including Siberia, China and Asia Minor. It is important that you are pretty knowledgeable about some special care of tulip flowers in order to enjoy the beauty of their flowers in the blooming period.

If you plan to add this beautiful flower into your garden, it would be best if you plant your tulip in fall. When the ground starts to freeze, it creates the most suitable condition for the tulips to start growing.


It is crucial for you to provide your tulip flowers with the type of soil that has the best drainage and sandy soil is the best option in this matter. You can also plant the flowers in planters as long as they provide enough drainage.

Tulips flowers are known as the third most popular flowers in the world. Having these flowers in your garden would be a great addition as long as you can treat them pretty well.

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