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Vegetable Gardening Tips for a Successful Harvest

Vegetable Gardening Tips for a Successful Harvest

A healthy lifestyle has become one of most people choice for better living. One of many ways for healthy lifestyle is starting to grow vegetable in the garden.

Fresh and organic vegetables which freshly harvest from your own garden will give you more benefits.

There are some tips for vegetable gardening which can your reference.

1. Save your vegetable when the weather is getting cold. You can bring them inside to a warm and dry place.

2. Make your compost mixture and apply to the soil in the garden in the late fall, when the spring comes the melting snow and nature organism will take care the compost.

3. To avoid from insects attack, you can plant garlic, chives, onion and chrysanthemum since insects cannot stand with these plants.

4. Do not over water. Most vegetable requires a good amount of water. Over watering can lead to the rotten root.

5. Choose vegetable which will grow well in your area with consideration of weather and soil condition.

Actually, growing vegetable at home is not difficult as long as you have enough time for caring.


The common problem which makes people does not plant vegetable is a space problem. Limited space at home is not a problem if you want to grow vegetables. You can plant the vegetables in containers or pots which you can place in a balcony, deck, patio, or porch.

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Vegetable container garden

A vegetable container garden can be a good choice if you do not have enough space at home. There is nothing better than taste or grill sweet tomato freshly from the plants. When you are choosing to plant your vegetable, you can start with herbs as they are easy to plant.


Other easy to plant vegetables are tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, eggplants, radishes, leafy vegetables and many more. Most vegetables grow from seeds; even, though, growing from seed difficult, that is the challenge for you.

Vegetable container gardening

If you want to grow vegetable in a container there are few tips for your reference.

The first thing to consider is the container placement. A big space does not matter, the important is the full sun. Most vegetable requires full sun supply for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. Lack of sunlight supply will make the vegetable does not bear much and vulnerable to insects and disease.

vegetablegardeningtipsThe second thing is plenty of water.

Different from planting vegetable in the ground which require sufficient amount of water, planting vegetable in a container needs plenty of water especially during the dry season since most vegetable varieties are not drought tolerant.

You can place the containers near the water source to make you water easily.

The last thing is the good soil; similar to another type of plants, vegetables require moist and well-drained soil as well as rich in organic matter. Most vegetable likes a moist soil but not too watery as they are standing in water.

You can water the vegetable once or twice a week; you can look at the soil condition. Be careful of weeds as it can compete with vegetables foe water and nutrients. Fertilizing is also important to maximize the growth; however for organic choices you can add more amount of compost to the soil to replace the fertilizer.

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