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Things You Need to Know About Rock Garden Plants

Things You Need to Know About Rock Garden Plants

These days, there are many ways we can do to make the most of our unused space in our home area. Turning it into a beautiful garden would be one of the most common options. Not only that a garden will add a more aesthetic look to our home, a beautiful and well maintained garden might also increase the value of our living space.

There are many types of garden we can choose for our home. If you look for an ideal solution to fill up your empty landscape that offers a different appearance, you can simply opt for a rock garden.

Unlike many other types of gardens that we know, a rock garden can be a nice solution to almost any space you have. Rock gardens can nicely cover your hill area or your slope. You can also use a rock garden to cover a place with uncontrollable dirt in a beautiful way.

This type of garden also comes in very handy in preventing erosion on the soil and cutting down on weeds in your property. Many people love this garden as it requires no complex maintenance and more importantly, a rock garden can be a beautiful way to improve your landscape.

Types of Plants for Rock Garden

rockgardenplants01When it comes to creating a beautiful rock garden to fill your unused landscape, it is very important that you focus in many things especially the rock garden plants and rock garden flowers.

There are a few considerations to make whether on the selection of plants for rock garden or the way you arrange all the rocks.

There are many types of rock garden plants to choose from and you should do the selection very carefully so that you can create a beautiful garden.

It is highly advised that you only fill your rock garden with types of plants that can suit the local climate perfectly.

Many rock gardens feature Castanea or chestnut, evergreen shrub including Morgenroot, Cotoneaster and Juniperus Horizontalis. Water buttons or Cotula Potentillina and Minor are commonly found in many rock gardens.

If you plan to create a rock garden inside your already-made garden, the selection of the rock garden plants must be considered more carefully. It is highly recommended that you pick the rock garden plants that come whose colors suit the color of the plants that are already existing in the rest area of the garden.


Such a careful plant selection will produce the impression of a great and attractive color scheme in the entire garden. It would be a great idea if you can purchase the plants with similar maturity period. That way, the rock garden flowers will bloom by the time other plants produce their flowers.

When adding the rock garden flowers and plants, it would be best if you can stack the flat rocks around the plantations. That way, the water will have no problem to reach the roots of the plants.

rockgardenplants03In addition to the beautiful selection of the rock garden plants, it is also recommended that you come up with a beautiful stone arrangement.

Make sure that you can arrange all the rocks in a way that they look very natural.

For this purpose, you might need to stay away from creating symmetrical patterns and even distribution of the rocks. However, you should not end up with haphazardly stone arrangement. Make sure that you can keep all the stone in the right order.

The water lines should be carefully considered when it comes to designing your rock garden. It is more likely that you can create a calm and relaxing nuance in your home area. Should you wish to make your rock garden more attractive and beautiful, it would be a great idea to add some interesting features like birdbaths or fountains.

Taking Care of Your Rock Garden

Just like any other type of garden, your rock garden and all the rock garden plants should be treated properly. Make sure that you have the leggy plants the flowering plants under control. When you find some dead stems on the garden, be sure to get rid of them immediately.

rockgardenplants02When some of the rock garden plants start to grow too big, you might as well divide them properly.

Should you like to have a healthy and appealing rock garden, you need to water and feed the plants occasionally.

The soil selection might also determine the attractive look and the health of your rock garden as well.

Not only that you need to provide your rock garden plants with a well-drained soil in order to keep them from water stagnation, the soil that you choose must be rich in texture too.

The best option for your rock garden flowers and plants would be the natural type of soil. It has to be very rich in essential minerals. Make sure that you keep your rock garden and its plants from any kind of unnatural fertilizers.

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Using a watering can to water the plants seems like the best option for this purpose. Make sure that you can keep the garden from some large trees. They are more likely to overshadow all the plants that require plenty of natural light to grow. All the rock garden plants should be well exposed to all the natural elements especially wind and sunlight.

Most gardeners who choose to grow beautiful rock gardens are the one who look for great alternative to the regular gardens filled with flowers and vegetables. Happy rock gardening.

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