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The Powerful Cherry Fruits for Body Health

The Powerful Cherry Fruits for Body Health

This small fruit we usually found in tart cake decoration is actually a very powerful with tons of benefits for the body. In markets we usually easily find the sweet and sour of preserve cherries.

Cherry fruit is a drupe fruit which the seed surrounded by the edible fruit flesh and the outer side covered by bright shiny red or purple thin peel.

Cherry fruit is a good natural source of numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidant agents, and fiber which are good for the body. Contains no calorie and high in fiber makes cherry fruit is a good snack for them who are on diet or weight maintaining.


There are two most famous cherry varieties which are sweet and sour cherry. The sweet one usually freshly sells in the market and the sour one preserved and used as decorations for tarts, drinks, and another purpose.

Planting Cherry Tree

Before planting a cherry tree, you should make sure that the variety sweet or sour is both certified virus-free tree. The cherry three likes deep, well-drained and fertile soil. The best time to plant cherry is around November to March.

cherrytreeMost of cherry fruits are self-pollinating which means that it can produce fruit on a single tree.

Pruning is very important for the cherry tree since usually problems occur in the tree.

Both sour and sweet cherry has no specific difference caring; you just need to make sure it does not catch problems.

The problems which usually occur are leaves turning silvery sheen color, immature fruit and cherry blackfly.

Harvesting cheery fruit is preferable during dry weather by cutting the stalks using scissors. The sweet cherry is usually eaten raw and fresh while the sour cherry is frozen or preserve.

Cherry Varieties

The popular cherry fruit varieties are sweet or wild cherry and tart or sour cherry. The sweet cherry is scientifically known as Prunus avium while the sour cherry known as Prunus cerasus. The sweet variety is the one which often found in markets which are sold fresh.


sweet cherry

The sweet cherry has a thick flesh, rich and the texture is plum-like. In contrast, the sour tart cherry is smaller in size and usually eaten raw, but commonly this type of cherry is used for preserve and other cooking uses as we usually found in cake topping.

Vitamins In Cherry

If you looking for fruit which has tons of benefits; you can never go wrong with cherry fruit. Both sour and sweet cherries are packed with tons of health benefits such as vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals which are essential for our body.


sour cherry

Cherries are famous as one of the fruits which are low in calorie. Obviously, this small fruit is good for your diet course. Moreover, the cherry fruit is pigment rich fruit such as polyphenolic flavonoid compound which is a powerful source of antioxidant agent.

cherryfruitThis compounds if known more as anthocyanin glycosides which are fruit pigment that usually found in colored fruits especially the skin such as red, purple, and blue.

Further studies on cherry fruit found that the anthocyanin in cherry fruit is as powerful as anti-inflammatory drugs.

The anti-oxidant substances such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene (Vitamin A) in cherry fruit can help the body to fight against cancer, premature aging, pre-diabetes condition, free radicals, and neurological disease or memory loss prevention.

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The other anti-oxidant agent in cherry fruit is melatonin which has soothing effects on the brain and helps relieve neurosis, headache problem and insomnia.

Cherry fruit is also a good source for vitamin C, E, and potassium as well as fiber. A great amount of fiber makes cherry fruit is a good snack or dessert choice for them who are in a diet, weight maintenance and have the digestive problems.

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