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Knowing the Hidden Meaning of Lily Plants

Knowing the Hidden Meaning of Lily Plants

Lily plants which are scientifically known as Lilium spp are the most favorite flowers among gardeners. The big, bright colored flower can lighten up the garden.

Lily plants have different variety and color; there are orange, pink, red, white, white pink and many more. Each color of the lily flower has different meaning.

Lily plants are suitable for most of the occasions such as wedding, landscape or room decorations. Therefore, lily plants become one of the favorite summer flowers.


asiatic lily

Planting lily flower

Commonly, lily flowers are cultivated from the bulb; however you can also plant it from seeds, bulbils, bulblets, and scales. Growing lily flower from seed require a longer time to bloom; it can take six to seven years.


easter lily

In other side, the lily flower which is cultivated from seed tends to disease resistant.

Due to the long time to bloom when growing from seed, most of the people prefer to grow the lily flower from the bulb.

The first step before planting lily flower is to make sure to grow it in autumn or spring.

You can plant the lily plant in both indoor and outdoor garden. The place should receive sufficient amount of sunlight and the soil with good drainage.

You can dig a hole for about 6 inches deep after loosening the soil and place the bulb inside. When putting the bulb, you should place the flat part down and the pointed part upside. You have to give space between each flower for about 8 inches. Then water the ground thoroughly.


martagon lily

After done planting, you have to watch it grows carefully. Additional fertilizer may be needed during the growing time to give it more nutrition. Lily flower does not require much water on daily basis, but when you water it make sure to give it enough amount to reach the bulb part.


oriental lily

When the blossoms fade, you should remove it immediately to keep it blooming. You should also remove the seedpods when you see one. Dry foliage and stem should also remove to keep the flower beautiful.

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Colors of lily

As mentioned above, lily plants have numerous color and variety in which each color has different meaning.


rubrum lily

There are several varieties of lily flower such as Asiatic lily which is the easiest to grow and has widest color variety, Martagon lily which can has almost 20 blooms in one stem, Easter lily which are famous for huge and fragrant blooms.

Tiger lily which has freckled in the blooms with color range from golden yellow to red, Rubrum lily which similar to tiger lily in shape and has sweet fragrance, and Oriental lily which has spicy fragrance and grow to 8 feet tall.


tiger lily

As the most favorite flower worldwide, lily plants have different meaning for each color.

The white lily symbolized pure and innocent as it is usually used for the baby shower, baby funeral, wedding, and other religious ceremonial.

The pink lily symbolizes admiration and infatuation as it is representing the young love. It is usually used in wedding, engagement party, or when purposing fiancee.

The orange lily represents respect and honor as it is usually given to someone who has a heroic deed or honored person funeral such as soldier.

Unlike the orange lily, the yellow lily represent the happiness and being carefree which is suitable for birthday, family reunion, and baby shower or other joyous celebration. As the different color of lily flower represents different meaning, it can be used in various occasion.

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