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Keeping Your Bougainvillea Bonsai Alive and Attractive

Keeping Your Bougainvillea Bonsai Alive and Attractive

Today, we have seen natural plants as a part of our decoration plans. It is quite often that we include some attractive plants into our exterior or interior decoration. There are plenty of attractive plants out there that can be a great addition to our decoration.

However, we find it very difficult when it comes to using the ones that come in their natural size. Thankfully, we have been very familiar with making the bonsai out of many different plants including bougainvillea.

It is no secret that most of bonsai trees that we have do not come with flowers. Most of them only offer green colors which are the natural color of their leaves.


If you like to mesmerize your decoration with more attractive beauties, a bougainvillea bonsai can be a great choice.

Unlike many other bonsai trees that do not have flowers, a bougainvillea bonsai tree comes with its beautiful and colorful appearance.

This bonsai tree surely offers a dramatic touch to every room in your house. You can place the bonsai tree in your balcony, your study corner or even your living room.

Before you can enjoy the beautiful addition to your decoration, you need to understand that keeping your bougainvillea bonsai tree alive and attractive should be your first priority.

It goes without saying that a well-treated bonsai tree can have a much longer lifespan. Your miniature bougainvillea should be well maintained so that it can beautify your interior much longer.

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Caring For Your Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree

In order to get the most of your miniature bougainvillea, it is really important for you to keep it healthy. We can only do so when can come up with proper bougainvillea bonsai care. Apparently, there are plenty of aspects we need to take care when it comes to keeping the bonsai tree alive and healthy.



It is our job to take care about a number of issues like watering, temperature, lighting, feeding, repotting, styling in an appropriate way. Otherwise, you might as well forget about including this beautiful bonsai tree to your decoration ideas since without the proper care, the bougainvillea bonsai tree will not survive in your room pretty long.

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Bougainvillea is known as a tropical tree and it needs plenty of sunlight to grow and survive even when it comes in a bonsai form. Placing your miniature bougainvillea at a place that receives plenty of natural lights can be a great idea.

However, you need to keep your bonsai tree from receiving too much light in order to protect it from being sunburnt. Too many natural lights, in fact, will decrease the freshness level of your bonsai tree. It is highly recommended that you place your bougainvillea bonsai in a place with 29 to 54 degree of Fahrenheit. That would be the ideal temperature for this bonsai tree.


Unlike caring for most bonsai trees, watering your miniature bougainvillea might be slightly different. This bonsai tree does not require plenty of water because it finds the dry condition very conducive for their growth.

However, it is important to note that the bougainvillea bonsai tree requires more watering during its flowering period. That way, you can enjoy a more attractive appearance from the bonsai tree.


The bougainvillea bonsai care also requires you to come up with the right fertilizer. It is very easy for you to purchase the right fertilizer in the market.

Just make sure that you check on the type of the soil before looking for the fertilizer. Most of the time, a good fertilizer for your bougainvillea bonsai tree is rich in iron, phosphorus and magnesium.


With a proper pruning, you can maintain the attractive look of your bougainvillea bonsai throughout the year. This process can be done anytime necessary. When your bougainvillea bonsai is still a young tree, you are recommended to cut the new growth once a month.


It might help you to promote a bushy plant. Make sure that you also check on the branches to see if it has overgrown. In addition to that, you also have to come up with regular pruning on its roots. When you find the roots are too big to prune, it is about time for you to replace the pot with a bigger one.

Bougainvillea Bonsai for Sale

The need and demand for bougainvillea bonsai never seem to slow down, thus purchasing this beautiful bonsai tree has never been this easy. The plant is now available in many bonsai shops all over the country. However, it would be best if you can consider a few things before making a choice.

bougainvilleabonsai02Finding bougainvillea bonsai for sale should not be a challenging task these days, the real challenges reside on how you can come up with the best bougainvillea bonsai.

You can either buy this bonsai at a bonsai nursery or a florist shop.

Make sure that you check on the health of the bonsai and see if it has been well maintained.

In order to help you get the quality bougainvillea bonsai, make sure that you have plenty of time to have a closer look at the roots, branches, trunks, age and foliage.

It might need more efforts from you to find the bougainvillea bonsai tree that meets your requirements and comes with a great capacity to add more beautiful touch to your room decoration. Thus, make sure that you take your time in choosing the right bougainvillea bonsai.

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