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Introducing Dandelion Plant Family, Flower with Tons of Benefits

Introducing Dandelion Plant Family, Flower with Tons of Benefits

Dandelion or scientifically known as Taraxacum which belongs to Asteraceae family is a very popular flower plant in some countries. Dandelion has lots of varieties which spread mostly in the northern hemisphere.

The word dandelion is originated from French word “Dent de lion” which means lion’s tooth. The lion’s tooth refers to the shape of it leaves which looks like lion’s tooth that are 5 to 25 cm long.

Dandelion plant is categorized as a perennial plant which flower throughout the year. The whole plant of dandelion contains a thick milky white liquid which is called latex. This flower can grow well wildly in disturbed sites such as waste grounds, lawns, paths and any other area, but nowadays more and more people cultivate dandelion plants due to its benefits.

Dandelion Plant benefit

All part of dandelion plants is edible for both culinary and medicinal purpose. From root to the flower of dandelion plants has benefit for the body. The root of the dandelion flower has been known to help improve the liver and gallbladder system.

Some people roast dandelion root to make caffeine free coffee. The dandelion leaf can be used as salad and braised. This has been popular in restaurants worldwide. The dandelion flower can decrease the blood pressure when it seems high.

It can also be fermented to be dandelion wine. Even though dandelion plants have many benefits for the body; the allergic reaction may occur for some people. In common, people with allergy to ragweed, daisies, marigold, and iodine should be careful prior consuming dandelion plants for the medical or culinary purpose.


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Dandelion flower

The flowers are yellow to orange which has a diameter for about 2-5 cm and it consists of ray florets in the entire flower. When the flower matures, it turns into spherical seed balls which commonly called blow balls.

The seed balls are usually blown away by the winds which spread the seeds to other places. The fun fact about dandelion is the flower opens in the day time and closes at night.

dandelionflowersMany people invent food and beverages from dandelion flowers such as wine and fritters.

Moreover, the dandelion flower can help reduce poor digestion and increase liver system since most of the variety of dandelion flowers acts as a natural diuretic, liver detoxification, and inflammation reduction.

In common, dandelion flower means as a gift for the loved ones and provides a promise of happiness and faithfulness.

Dandelion seeds can fly through the wind up to 5 miles away then it will grow again in other places.

Most dandelion flowers grow wildly in abandoned areas; therefore some people think that this plant is a disturbance into their garden.

Dandelion leaves

The dandelion leaves contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamins. Further studies found out that dandelion leaves, as well as the whole plant, contain high concentrations of kynurenic acid which acts as a laxative to support the digestive system.


The leaves also loaded with a huge number of antioxidants that are beneficial for body health. It is widely known that dandelion leaves provides lots of benefits for the body such as support digestion system, purify the blood, reduce blood sugar and pressure level and many more.

Dandelion root

Besides the leaves and the flower, dandelion root also provides huge benefits for the body. Most people dry out the root roast it in substitute to coffee it has a similar bitter taste but low in caffeine. This type of coffee is popular back then during the World War II.


Moreover, dandelion roasted root also have detoxification benefits. If you are planning to detox, you can choose dandelion roasted root. Nowadays, there is instant products dandelion roasted root which can be found easily in groceries or online stores.

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