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Interesting Information about Mango Tree

Interesting Information about Mango Tree

Fruit plants have to be one of the most beneficial species on the planet. Not only that they produce plenty of oxygen to the air, they also provide us with an array of tasty, juicy and healthy fruits.

Mango, for example, is well known for its low saturated fat, succulent and delicious taste. Mango still has many hidden benefits behind its delicious flesh and it has all the right to be named as the king of all fruits.

You can either consume it raw from the tree or as a juicy pulp and this fruit is still tasty and enjoyable. Mango tree can be found in many places in the world especially in Asia. It should not be too surprising as the origin of the mango is from this rich continent.


ataulfo mango

As you enjoy the sweet and juicy flesh of this fruit, you might ask yourself a few questions. “Where do mangos come from?” might be the most common question come across our mind.

Originally, mango tree is native to the southern area of Asia. India is known as the country that has been cultivating this fruit since thousands of years ago. Thanks to the American colonies that lived in the 17th century, we can now find mango tree in many other places on earth.


bombay mango

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Most Popular Varieties of Mango Fruit


indian alphonso mango

Mango tree has now come in a number of different varieties and each tree is able to grow its own unique mango fruit.

The Indian Alphonso has turned out to be the most popular mango fruit variety in the world.

This mango fruit is very famous for its tender, buttery and smooth flesh. You can easily scoop the flesh using a spoon and it will melt in your mouth.

Putting it on top of an ice cream would be a nice way to enjoy the fruit.

Mexico has also come up with their own mango varieties and Ataulfo is the most popular one from this country. This Mexican mango fruit is pretty similar to its cousin, Alphonso. However, you can easily tell the difference by looking at the shape of the fruit.


francine mango

Bombay mango is also another popular variety of this fruit. The full mango flavor, soft and juicy flesh and green color have made it a Jamaican favorite. There is no need for a complicated process to get the best of this mango fruit as you can consume it out of your hand.


keitt mango

Francis mango is also pretty popular as it is also known as the Francine mango or the Haitian mango. Everyone loves this fruit for its intense tropical flavor. If you wonder about the most popular varieties of mango fruit in the country, Keitt and Kent would be the right answer. These mango varieties are well known for their rich flavors and juicy textures.

Growing A Mango Tree


kent mango

Mango fruit is not only well known for its great taste and juicy textures that have made it very easy for you to come up with interesting recipes at home.

This fruit is also renowned for its healthy properties and benefits.

It is no secret that you can find plenty of vitamins in mango. In addition to that, this fruit is also very rich in fiber and pectin.

Thus, mango fruit may come in very handy to help you ease your constipation.

More importantly, this fruit is very good for your heart. Many health experts have revealed that the amazing content of mango fruit has a great capacity to boost our immune system as reduce the cholesterol levels in our blood.

Considering the enormous mango benefits, it should be a great idea if you can grow your own mango garden in your house. Mango tree plantation should not be too hard for anyone. All you need to do is provide the mango tree a suitable environment to help it grow properly and healthily.

In order to keep the tree from any kind of mango tree diseases, it would be best if you plant the tree with a friendly temperature like under 30° Celsius. With plenty of space in your garden and attentive care, you might be able to keep your mango tree alive for many years to come.

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