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Guava Plant: The Tropical Super Plant

Guava Plant: The Tropical Super Plant

The guava plant grows in a short tree with a sturdy single trunk. The plants are commonly found in tropical regions. This is another tropical fruit with plenty of health benefits and nutrients. The guava fruit has a unique flavor and smells with tons of health-promoting benefits, guava fruits are called the super fruit.

Guava plant belongs to the family mytaceae and the genus of psidium. The botanical name of guava is Psidium guajava.

Growing Guava

Growing guava from seed may take very long time to produce fruit for more than eight years, even though, the fruit are the high-quality one; it does not mean that the seed planted will produce the same quality as the parents.

growingguavaTherefore, the common method of guava propagation is through layering and cuttings.

In general, guava is planted in outside and should be planted in well-drained and moist soil. Additional mulch and fertilizer can keep the guava tree comes healthy. It has sunny places with lots of sunlight.

You can water guava plant regularly once a week, however if you can skip once or twice watering schedule since it is tolerant drought. Pruning is also important to encourage stronger trunk and a more stable tree.

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Guava Health Benefits

Guava is considered as super fruit as it has plenty of health benefits. This fruit is low in fats and calories; therefore it is good for those who are on a diet. Moreover, there are several lists of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants in guava.


The fruit is a natural source of vitamin C which is 228-gram vitamin C per 100 gram of guava flesh. The flesh contains the higher amount of vitamin C than the inner pulp. The daily consumption of fruits which is high in vitamin C can help the body to prevent harm against cancer, infections, and free radicals.

guavaplantMoreover, guava is an excellent natural source of dietary fiber which is a good laxative agent to protect the colon membrane.

Guava also contains vitamin A and flavonoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene.

The lycopene in guava is almost twice higher than tomatoes. In pink guava, the lycopene can prevent the skin from the damage of UV rays and protect against prostate cancer.

The guava fresh fruit contains a high amount of potassium which is higher than a banana. Potassium helps control the blood pressure and heart rate and maintains the body fluid. Other essential minerals in guava are copper and manganese.

Guava Juice

You can enjoy guava flesh as it is since it has a crunchy texture and very suitable for a healthy snack. In some countries, guava is very popular as juice.

It is indeed very refreshing when enjoying a glass of guava juice in the middle of hot summer. To make guava juice is very simple; you just need to blend the guava (the flesh and inner seeds) with some glass of water. You can also add sugar or milk as you like.


After all the ingredients blend and become smooth, then strain the juice since you will not want to eat the seed, though. Finally, you can serve the guava juice with ice cubes.

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