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Greenhouse Vegetable for Healthier and Frugal Living

Greenhouse Vegetable for Healthier and Frugal Living

Growing vegetables in the greenhouse has become the new favorite of modern gardening.

Having fresh vegetables outside the harvest season is the best choice for healthier and frugal living idea. Using the greenhouse, you can expand the harvest time even when heavy winter comes.

Vegetable Garden Greenhouse

greenhousevegetablesThere is nothing better than eating fresh vegetable from your own garden in the winter.

The only answer is growing your own vegetables in the greenhouse. For beginner gardener, there is several starter vegetable you can start with.

Choosing the right vegetable will give you the great corps. First is leafy green; almost the salad family has the same growing manner.

Moreover, it has varied tastes and colors. Peppers and tomatoes are also vegetables which perform better in the green house.

You can choose tomatoes varieties which can harvest within 100 days. You can also choose vegetables according the temperature it needs and adjust it your temperature area. For example are warm season vegetables such as beans, eggplant, cucumbers, and many more. For cold season vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbages, and many more.

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Can You Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse?

This is the common questions for beginner home gardener. However, the answer is a big yes. The important thing to remember when growing in a greenhouse is an understanding that it is possible to have year round vegetable gardening in the greenhouse.


Then, fulfill the vegetable needs as well as choosing the right plant for the right season such as cold tolerant vegetables for low-energy greenhouse such as spinach, kale, and cabbages.

You have to know that vegetables in greenhouse require the same conditions as in the outdoor. Then you have to adjust the indoor temperature with heating or cooling the temperature according to it needs. You can control the conditions for great crops.

How To Grow Vegetables in a Greenhouse

Before growing vegetable greenhouse, there are few basic tips that you should know. First, choose a high quality of seeds which have proven for having a good resistance of disease, high productivity, and vigor. To support the high-quality seeds, you should provide with soil which is rich in compost and garden loam.

growvegetablesinagreenhouseSecond, good ventilation of greenhouse is important for fresh air exchange.

Some plants disease such as fungi and mildew are likely to attack plants with the close atmosphere.

Space is also important once you notice that the leaves touching each other.

First thing first, knowing the location structure is the most important. Then decide what kind of greenhouse that you want to build.

The building material has to be chosen carefully such as plastic or glass roof. Whatever your choice, it must have a good resistance of strong wind and heavy rainfall.

The double glass material can absorb and diffuse the sunlight. However, the plastic materials, such polyethylene film, vinyl, or acrylic may be cost effective, more effective sunlight absorption and lightweight.

You also have to know that this material can easily tear and heat escape. You also have to calculate space and direct sunlight supply for the vegetable growth. Do not forget to make easy access of water source; you can run from faucet or water hose.

When you have the right seeds, place the seed in the pots with soil for thirds full and arrange the pot according to the tallest one sit on the shelves. For temperature maintenance, you can install two temperatures indoors and outdoors, so you can track the temperature easily.

Similar to other plants, vegetable greenhouse also tends to catch disease such as fungal and insects. Check the locals store for cleaners and fertilizer to fights against diseases.

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