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Ginseng Plant, Herbal Medicine for Better Body Performance

Ginseng Plant, Herbal Medicine for Better Body Performance

For years, ginseng has been used as herbal medicine and remedy.

Ginseng is believed to increase the body performance. This plant is kind of root which is shaped fork-like with light-colored. The ginseng leaves are also edible even though as not pricey as the ginseng root.

Growing Ginseng plants

In general, ginseng is cultivated from seeds. However, the seed cannot be straightly planted; it needs to stratification first in order to germinate the seed. Stratification is a method to germinate ginseng seed by placing it for a long period in a moist storage with special treatment.

The ready to plant ginseng seed in the stores usually stratifies seeds for a year before sell it in the autumn season. It has been considered the stratified seeds. The correct season for plant stratified ginseng seed is in autumn; it will grow during April to June.


The fresh seed can also be planted right after harvest; it will be naturally stratified for the next year. However, naturally stratification prone to disease as well rodents attack. The stratified seed is indeed has the high chance to grow well rather than the fresh one.

Before buying ginseng seed, you have to carefully look at the seed’s texture and color. If the ginseng seed is moldy, soft, and have no color; you better not buy or return them with the good one.

Autumn is the best time to start germinates the stratified seeds. Right after you obtain the stratified ginseng seed, plant it as soon as possible and have the seedbeds ready before that. You can plant the seed within one to six inches apart from each other with one-half inches deep.

You can adjust the space according to the size of your seedbeds. To keep the soil moist and give protection for the seed; you can place mulch such as leaves, straws and so on to cover the seed beds.

Besides propagation from seeds, you can also grow ginseng from the root. However, the price of ginseng root for propagation is more expensive than the seed. Right after you get the ginseng root, start to plant it as soon as possible or if you have no time stored the root in plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator.


Plant the root in the prepared soil for about three inches between each other and one inch deep. Give the ginseng root the amount of mulch as needed. You can also vary the space between one another according to the size of your garden and the roots.

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Ginseng supplement

Ginseng has been used for herbal medicine for years especially in Chinese traditional medicine. However, if you want to try ginseng herbal medicine; it is better to have prior consultation to doctors to prevent side effects.

Actually, there is very little scientific research regarding ginseng’s health benefits. In these modern times, ginseng has been extracted into supplement.

In the traditional medicine, ginseng provides energy as well as prevents fatigue since it stimulates weak and tired body. Ginseng supplements improve cognitive function and thinking ability.

The ginsenosides in ginseng is believed has anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, ginseng also has anti-cancer substances. The most famous benefits of ginseng are a cure for men with erection dysfunction as well as aphrodisiac. Ginseng is also included in small dosage for energy drinks, tonic, herbal tea, cosmetics and many more.

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Best ginseng

There are lots of ginseng variety worldwide, however only a few of it that classified into herbal and medicine ginseng. There are six major ginseng varieties; Panax Quinquefolius or commonly known as American ginseng.


This ginseng is found in North America and widely cultivated in Wisconsin. It is believed to increase stamina, fight fatigue, and many more.

The second famous is Panax Ginseng or Korean Ginseng, Panax Trifolium which is known as dwarf ginseng, Panax Pseudo Ginseng or Himalayan ginseng, Panax japonicum which is the Japanese ginseng and the last is Siberian ginseng.

Ginseng side effect

Even though ginseng is widely known as safe to be consumed, however it has side effects. The common side effect for consuming ginseng is insomnia.

In the following list of the side effect may be diarrhea, nausea, nosebleeds, headache, and high/low blood pressure. Due to the side effects, it is better to take ginseng supplements after consulting with doctors.

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