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Ginger Root Plants: Knowing How to Plant and the Benefits

Ginger Root Plants: Knowing How to Plant and the Benefits

When growing houseplants, it is better to choose plant which has both useful and beautiful purpose. For your options, you can choose ginger. This bamboo-like plant with striking flower will be a beautiful houseplant, plus you can get a supply of fresh ginger.

Besides, ginger is an understory plant which can be placed under direct sunlight, therefore it is perfect for the houseplant.

Before plant ginger, the first thing is you should buy a whole ginger root and the pot. You can get on in your local gardening stores. The first step is soaking the ginger. To keep the ginger in good condition, most of ginger has such kind of inhibitor to prevent them from growing during the shipping.

To get rid of this inhibitor, soak the while ginger in lukewarm water for about two hours. While waiting for the ginger, you can prepare the container or pot. You can use reusable plastic ware around your house.


Make sure that the container or pot has drainage hole; if it does not have the hole, then make some. After that, put some soil and sprinkle water to give more moisture. After done preparing the soil, plant the ginger near the surface. The next step waits the ginger grows up and does not forget to water it when the soil dries.

Ginger Root Benefits

Ginger has been known for its health benefits for century. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents. Besides, ginger also contains essential oils such as gingerol which helps improve intestinal motility as well anti-inflammatory, analgesic or painkiller, antipyretic and nerve soothing.

Many studies show that gingerols can reduce the pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid as well as improve the mobility ability. This substance is responsible for the distinctive taste of ginger and it can prevent some cancer cells growth such as human colorectal cancer. Moreover, ginger also promotes the cancer cell death in ovarian cancer.

gingerteausesResearch find out that ginger can reduce nausea which is caused by motion sickness, migraine headache as well as pregnancy sickness.

Other oil essential in ginger is zingerone which is very effective to fight E.Coli which trigger diarrhea, especially in children.

The zingerone also gives pungent character to ginger. In most cases, ginger can help to make the body warm during the cold day and of course it can increase the immune system.

A cup or warm ginger tea will make you sweat a lot and it can be a good detoxification.

As ginger increase the body temperature; it also improves the metabolism system which makes the calories burning faster. Consuming ginger also makes the stomach to feel full longer than the usual; therefore it is good for weight loss.

Moreover, ginger contains only 80 calories per 100 gram which means low in calories and also has no cholesterol. Besides, the vitamins and minerals in ginger are also essential for the body. Ginger can maintain normal blood flow since it contains minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and chromium as well as potassium to control the heart rate.

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Ginger Root Extract

To start healthy living with consuming ginger, you can choose both the fresh or extracted ginger root which has the same nutrition. The development of technology nowadays allows people to make many kinds of ginger extractions such as grounded ginger, dried ginger, or even ginger syrup.


If you can get the fresh one then it is good, however, the extracted can also be a good choice.

Ginger Side Effect

gingerrootbenefitsEven though ginger is commonly safe for most of the people, but excessive consumption will likely to trigger side effects such as diarrhea, stomach discomfort, heartburn and even extensive bleeding.

Some women reported that they experience extra menstrual bleeding for consuming ginger.

Consuming ginger is also not advisable for pregnant women since it may affect the baby sex hormones.

However, the rate of effect on infant is 1% until 3%. Even though, ginger can relieve morning sickness; it is better to consume it after having consultation with doctors.

High dosage of ginger for some people can worsen heart condition. Overall, if you have a health issue; it is better to have a prior consultation with your doctor to prevent the side effects.

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