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Dragon Fruit Tree and Its Great Benefits

Dragon Fruit Tree and Its Great Benefits

Our green planet is no doubt a great place to live in. Not only that you can find comfortable shelters to grow old with your family, this planet has also provided us with plenty of beneficial plants and trees. Many of them actually produce tasty and attractive fruits that can do so much more than just quenching your thirst and hunger.

Some fruits come with enormous benefits to our health as well as to our life being on this planet. Let us take the dragon fruit tree for example. This tropical tree can produce exotic fruits that come in a bright color. By the time you have a look at the fruits, you will be tempted to have a taste of them.

In addition to the attractive appearance and bland taste of the dragon fruit, it is also well known for its enormous benefits to our health. You can discover some of the dragon fruit benefits in the following paragraphs. So, keep on reading, my friend!

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The Species of Dragon Fruit Tree

dragonfruit01Dragon fruit is also known as Pitaya and there are many different countries that have been cultivating this fruit since many years ago.

This tropical plant can be easily found in Hawaii, Central and South America, Indonesia and some other countries in Southeast Asia.

The dragon fruits come from a certain species of cacti belong to the Hylocereus genus. Cereeae and Stenocereus are the two types of cacti that produce dragon fruits.

The later type of cacti is also known as sour pitaya while the cacti that belongs to the genus Hylocereus is known to produce sweet dragon fruits.

This particular species actually come in different skin colors and pulp.  Hylocereus costaricensis is the cacti species that produces dragon fruits with purple pulp and red skin color. Should you find the dragon fruit that comes with yellow skin and white pulp, it surely belongs to the Hylocereus megalanthus species.

The Hylocereus undatus is another common variety of cacti that produces red skinned dragon fruits with white pulp. Within the creamy pulp of the dragon fruit, you will find plenty of dragon fruit seeds. In spite of their delicate aroma, you can consume both the pulp and the seeds.

Some people have no problem with the flavor and smell of this fruit. They actually like the raw form of this fruit. However, some other people are reluctant to consume this fruit due to its aroma and taste. One thing for sure, dragon fruits can be a great addition to your meals as they are nutritious, instantly refreshing and are very low in calories.

Interesting Information about Growing Dragon Fruit

The industry of dragon fruit has become a very promising business in the world. Not only that this dragon fruit tree is widely cultivated for industrial or business purposes, you can also grow this tree in your own garden. It is really important for you to provide this tree with a well-drained and rich soil that features partial shade.

Watering this plant is pretty easy but you still have to do it cautiously. When you have your dragon fruit tree over watered, it is more likely that the roots will start to rot. It would be best if you can water the plant once in a week. Before the dragon fruit plant grows taller, it is recommended that you support it with a stake.


In the later stage of your dragon fruit growth, it would be best if you can support the tree with metal frames or trellis and strong twines. Some studies have clearly revealed that in order to bear the dragon fruits properly, the dragon fruit tree must come up with ten pounds of minimum weight.

If you manage to plant the dragon fruit tree in a suitable growing environment, you will only have to wait for two years before you can see them producing plenty of fruits. Should you like to have a good yield from the tree, using some organic fertilizers is highly recommended. You can use the fertilizers twice in a year.

The Enormous Dragon Fruit Benefits

dragonfruit03A number of different countries in Southeast Asia are known as the top producers of dragon fruits.

In countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, these fruits are widely consumed in various manners.

Consuming this fruit in your daily meals is also recommended due to its great benefits to our health.

In every 100 gram of dragon fruit, you will find plenty of essential nutrients like calcium, fiber, protein, carotene, niacin, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus and many others.

More interestingly, consuming dragon fruit also comes in handy to support your weight lost programs as this tropical fruit only contains 60 calories in every 100 gram.

The Benefits of Dragon Fruits to Our Health

The rich and healthy content of dragon fruit is believed to bring more benefits to our health. For example, due to the rich antioxidants in dragon fruits, you can rely on this tropical fruit to help you prevent the carcinogenic free-radicals formation in your body.

Every type of dragon fruit has plenty of vitamin C and the dragon fruits with red skin are very rich in this important vitamin. Therefore, not only that dragon fruits can help you improve your immune system, consuming this fruit will also help you heal your cuts and bruises more quickly.


If you have some issue with your appetite, you can turn to this fruit as it comes with plenty of vitamin B2. The vitamin B1 and B3 in the dragon fruits can be very useful to support your efforts in promoting the carbohydrates metabolism, lowering bad cholesterol level in your system and improving the appearance of your skin.

The healthy content of this fruit is known to be very helpful in lowering your high blood pressure. More interestingly, dragon fruits are highly recommended for those who suffer from cough and asthma. More importantly for us, purchasing and consuming this highly beneficial fruit are so easy as it is now widely available in numerous stores in the country.

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