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Desert Cactus, Benefits for Body Health and Beauty

Desert Cactus, Benefits for Body Health and Beauty

Cactus is a succulent plant which lives in dry areas and drought tolerant. When the rain comes, the green fleshy stores the water.

Most cacti have very long roots to absorb more moisture in the soil. Cacti are native to dry and deserted areas such as America, North and South America. However, cacti are also found in many habitats such as sub-tropical and tropical areas.

Benefits of cactus

The plant which is originally found in the desert; nowadays can be found anywhere in the store, grocery, natural shops, and many more.

Yes, desert cactus has become the leading natural products due to its plenty of benefits. Each of cactus components is indeed can increase the body health and vitality. This plant has been harvested as it famous for alternative medicine.


However, the edible cactus is not just any cactus that you find in the yard. The cactus for consumption purpose is the prickly pear cactus. This kind of cactus comes in flat and gilig/circular shape with two types of thorns.

The prickly pear cacti produce edible flower and fruit. For years, the Mexican society and tribes of India use this cactus for the culinary and medicinal purpose to cure diseases.

Unlike aloe Vera cactus, prickly pear cactus has faster anti-inflammatory effects against insect bites, itchy, redness and allergy reactions. The study found out that this thorny plant contains a high amount of flavonoids which is a powerful antioxidant.

Flavonoids as a powerful antioxidant play a huge role in defending against cancer and carcinogenic substances. This substance also found in green tea, chocolate, some fruits as well as prickly pear cactus.


Each of cactus part is edible; the green big flat big size part contains plenty of nutrients. There are minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium, vitamin A, and C. As we know that all the substances can also be found in spinach.

A Recent study shows that prickly pear cactus help heal and protect the body from the inside as it able to protect the immune system, fight free radicals and carcinogenic substances as well as slow aging. Moreover, the cactus fruit is a good source to lower blood cholesterol level and maintain the healthy level of LDL.

Due to its huge benefits, low-fat, high-nutrition and fiber, and low sugar; it makes prickly pear cactus gains more and more popularity in society.

Desert cactus flower

pricklypearcactiflowerSome of us may avoid cactus for its prickly thorn. However, behind this prickly plants are hidden plenty if the health benefit from the entire part.

Desert cactus flower has numerous benefits; it contains anti-inflammatory substances for various medical conditions such as diabetes.

Cactus flower possesses alcohol extract which can be used as analgesic substances.

The Opuntia dillenii cactus which commonly found in Egypt has been used for the anti-diabetic agent and anti-inflammatory in traditional medicine. This cactus variant also contains antioxidant and anti-ulcerogenic substances.


Moreover, the benefits of cactus flower also extent for beauty purpose. The antioxidants substances help prevent anti-aging and fight against free radicals. The synergistic antioxidant and anti-histamine substances help maintain skin’s natural moisture and prevent moisture loss.

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Cactus flower plant

Similar to other plants, desert cactus also takes years to bloom however there are few tips to bring to cactus plant to bloom. First, make sure to follow the planting instruction since different variety may require different care.


Second, water the desert cactus regular, however, avoid over watering because it can make the cactus overgrow without blooming. Avoid watering and fertilizing during the dormant season and start watering again when the cactus blooms appear. Provides enough supply of sunlight for about 5 hours a day.

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