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Daffodil Flower: Cheerful Flower which Bring Good Luck

Daffodil Flower: Cheerful Flower which Bring Good Luck

Who does not know the daffodil flower? This small trumpet-shaped like the flower has been known since the ancient times. Currently, there are approximately 50 species and plenty hybrids.

The daffodil flower is native to the Mediterranean area especially in Iberian Peninsula, Middle East, and North Africa. All daffodil species has a corona which looks like a trumpet and surround with petals. The daffodil flower will bloom in the first week of spring when the weather moderate.

Many people confuse between daffodil and narcissus; however, actually there is no difference between those two. Narcissus is the botanical name of daffodil; while daffodils are the common name for genus Narcissus members.

daffodilcolorsThe daffodil flower symbolizes rebirth or new beginning since it firstly blooms in spring. Therefore, the flower signs that the long cold winter has come to end. In many countries, it is also the sign of luck for future prosperity.

In Chinese legend, if the daffodil flower is forced to bloom in New Year, then it will bring good luck to the owner. Similar to the Chinese, in Wales if you see the first daffodil flower in spring; it will bring good luck for the next 12 months.

In addition, giving daffodil flower as a gift is often said to ensure happiness. However, giving daffodil flower should be in a bunch since the lonely daffodil flower will tell the opposite. The single daffodil flower is often to be said to bring misfortune.


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Daffodil Color

The daffodil flower has many colors. In general, the daffodil flowers are yellow, white, orange, lime-green, pink, and the combination of those colors. The natural daffodil flower has yellow petals and the trumpet appear in the contrast color.

Growing Daffodil

growingdaffodils03Similar to other plant flower, growing daffodil flower indeed requires care even though it considers as easy to grow.

The daffodil flower is a perennial plant and grows from the bulb. To plant the daffodil flower, you will need neutral to acidic soil with good drainage.

The place should also have good enough supply of sunlight. When planting the daffodil you need to put the pointy end upside and fatter side down.

Plant the daffodil bulbs twice as deep as the height.

Let say if the bulb is 2 inches high, therefore you should dig 6 inches deep hole and bury it for about 4 inches deep. If you are not deep enough to plant the bulb, it will expose to winter frost.

The deep planting also prevents the daffodil bulb from any possible damage such as spade rakes and spades. You can adjust the deep of the hole according to the bulb size and the soil condition.

For sandy soil, you can plant the daffodil deeper and shallower for clay-type soil with heavy texture. Once you finish planting the bulb, you can water the thoroughly and cover them with mulch, any kind of much will be good to protect it.


After the blooming time, usually late April of June, you can collect the new bulb by digging them. To store the new bulb for the next planting, wash the freshly collect bulb and let them completely dry before storing in onion sacks. Hang the daffodil bulb in cool place with good air circulation until the next planting season.

Similar to other perennial plants, daffodils flower needs approximately one inch of water during the growing and blooming season which usually March to April. To maintain the soil moisture, you can add mulch on the soil.


Besides providing soil with rich organic matter, you can also add organic fertilizer to give them more nutrition. Every 5 to 10 years, in early summer you can divide the bulbs clumps.

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