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Cardinal Plant: The Hummingbird Favorite

Cardinal Plant: The Hummingbird Favorite

Cardinal plant is a wildflower plant which nature to American especially Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

The flower is named after the robe of Roman Catholic’s cardinal therefore it is a cardinal flower with scientific name Lobelia cardinalis. Otherwise other perennial flowers which decline to bloom in the middle of summer heat.

Cardinal flower in other hand blooms beautiful red flowers in the summer heat. The beautiful red cardinal flower is a wise choice to naturalize the wild meadow or add more color into your garden.


The long neck of the flower limits insects to help the fertilization; therefore it depends on the help of hummingbird.

The bright color and sweet nectar indeed attract hummingbirds from many species. The root of the cardinal plant was once used as aphrodisiac and love potion. The root was grounded into a fine powder, however, the plant contains toxic for consumption in a large portion.

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Cardinal flower

The red blossom of the cardinal flower is indeed will make a more beautiful view of your garden. To grow a cardinal flower, there are few points for your guidance.


1. Preparation

Before start to plant, prepare the suitable position. The cardinal flower loves lots of sunlight both morning and afternoon sun. When the area is shady; they need direct sunlight supply. For soil requirement, cardinals flowers require moist and fertile soil.

You can make own mixture between soil and compost make soil with plenty organic composition. You have to keep the soil moist during the growing time and add more mulch if necessary to prevent moisture loss. Consider the right season for start growing cardinal flower as the best time is spring and the flower will bloom in summer.

albacardinalflower2. Caring

The cardinal flower requires regular watering once the rain intensity reduces to keep the soil moist.

In autumn, fertilize the cardinal flower plant with compost or fertilizer to provide more nutrients.

For heavy winter prevention, you can add more mulch into the thick layer to cover the soil. When the winter comes, reduce the watering frequency as more moistness can bring the cardinal flower to death.

The cardinal flower starts to bloom in early summer until the middle of summer. Once the flower done blooming you can pull out the stems or leave them be to allow the cardinal flower seed to self-seeding. If you cut the flower spike, the new shorter spikes will arise to take the cut place.

Similar to other plants, you have to watch out for pests and diseases such as slugs and snails. After two or three years, you can divide the plants and remove the old one to give more space for the young plants to live.

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There are several varieties of cardinal flowers; Alba cardinal flower which has white flower, Heather pink with soft pink flower color, Angel song for its cream flower, the Rosea and twilight zone which has pink flower, Ruby Slippers which is the most fascinating one with dark ruby to red flower, and Arabella’s vision which has bright red flower.

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