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Camellia Plant: Growing Tips and Varieties

Camellia Plant: Growing Tips and Varieties

Camellia plant is originally found in China, Japan, and South Korea. Through a long story and journey, camellia plant spread in many gardens worldwide.

The Camellia sinensis variety is famous for the leaves are used to make tea. Green tea, oolong, white tea, and black tea to name a few are produced from camellia leaves and considered as the finest tea.

However, other varieties of camellia also use for other beverages purpose. The leaves of a camellia are serrated and glossy finish with a beautiful flower which blooms in fall and winter.

There are few tips to grow camellia plant to brighten up your garden

camelliaflower011. Soil

Camellia plant loves acid soil which means it can grow well in areas that have no chalk. If you do not have acidic soil, you can use regular soil with mixture of peat compost.

2. Placement

In the wild areas, camellia plant grow in the shade of other plants. In general, camellia plant needs a good supply of light to make the flower buds.

However, after the flower bloom, avoid them from direct sunlight to prevent the flower to burn. The hot climates where the sun shines so bright will make the flowers burn and the bud fails to bloom.

3. Watering

During winter, camellia plant requires very little amount of water.  In the spring, it needs a good amount of water since it starts to grow. When the plant starts to grow more leaves and buds, then it requires a regular amount of water. You can use the natural rainwater which has natural acid to increase the soil acidic.

4. Fertilizing

During the dormancy stage when the plant stops growing, fertilizing the camellia plant will not be necessary. The right time to fertilize is during winter when the plant starts growing buds.

Camellia Flower

In Japan, camellia is highly valued for its elegance and beauty especially in Japan. There are several shades of the flower ranging from red, pink, and white with almost nine petals. The flower is very attractive and large in size. Camellia flower is widely used for bouquet and houseplants.


The beautiful camellia flower is symbolizes the young love as an expression of love devotion. In Chinese, the petals symbolize the spirit of a lady while the young man is symbolized by the petals’ holder. This means that the man devotes himself as the lady protector. The camellia plant is commonly consumed as camellia tea.

Camellia Varieties

There several varieties of camellia flower; however they are classified into the common five types of camellia flower.

camelliaflower021. Camellia Sasanquas

In the sasanquas consists of at least three different varieties.

The camellia sasanquas flower blooms from April to July with color ranging from pinks, white to burgundy. This varietiy of camellia can be grown in an open garden or fence.

2. Camellia Japonica

This species of camellia is the widest variety to cultivate in the world and comes in a widest range of color and size.

To identify the camellia japonica, take a closer look shiny and dark green leaves. Some species of Japonica have unstable genetic which prone to mutation or commonly known as sporting.

3. Camellia Reticulates

One attractive points of this camellia is the large flower with originally pale to bright pink or purple. However, camellia reticulates flower is prone to damage by strong wind.

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4. Hybrids

This camellia is a creation by crossed two varieties which then produce a very pretty flower. The hybrid camellia has more stable plants such as wide temperature, growth habits, soil hardness and many more.

5. Species

This kind of camellia is native to Eastern Asia countries with white and pink small flowers and some others are yellow. Some of the camellia species has nice fragrance.

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