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Borage Plant and Its Health Benefits

Borage Plant and Its Health Benefits

Borage is an easy spreading flower which used for both medicinal and culinary purpose. Since the Roman times, people use Borage plant as a herb.

Many people recognize Borage plant as starflower as the flowers consist of 5 points of purplish-blue petals. The star shape petal is enhanced by five green sepals in each petal.

The flower parts, sepals, stems, and leaves are covered with fine white hairs. Borage plant is the easiest plant to grow; it can self-grow from seed.


After the flowers bloom and set seed; the plant will automatically self-seeding to provide the new plant for next year. The plant which originates from the Mediterranean requires well-drained soil with full sun supply.

The Borage plants are mostly cultivated for the edible leaves, the black seed which then extract into oil, and flower oil.

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Blue Borage Flowers

The blue Borage flowers bloom from late spring to summer. Generally, since Borage plant able to self-seeding, it is very suitable to plant in a cottage style flower garden which as plenty space for it to regrow.

blueborageflowersMoreover, the purplish blue Borage flowers are such a bee magnet and considered as a good flower companion for other plants such as strawberry and tomatoes.

Since the Roman times, people believe in the benefits of blue Borage flowers.

The entire part of the flowers, petals, stems and leaves except the root are edible.

The younger leaves can be added to make a fresh salad instead of the older leaves.

For other options, chop up the younger leaves and add to soup or sauté. However, even if the leaves are edible, the portion of consumption should be limited because it contains a small amount of liver-toxic Pas Intermediate, lycopsamine, supinine and ambiline which in some people may cause allergies.

The same amount of toxin also found in the seed, but it removes during the processing.


The Borage plants taste like cucumber, so you can substitute any recipe with cucumber to Borage plants or use it as a garnish to summer drinks, wines, or pimms.  The blue Borage flowers contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids which are a nontoxic substance.

The fresh Borage flower is a good source of Vitamin A and carotenes which are powerful compounds of flavonoid anti-oxidants.

Borage Flower Essence

Due to a lot of Borage benefits, the flower then extracted to make essence. The essence of Borage flower helps promote joy feeling, courage, happiness, lifting the spirits as well as release emotion tensions.


The word Borage is originated from the word “Corago” which refers to courage. The Borage flower essence is indeed brought enthusiasm and optimisms. Therefore, the essence is good to balance the heavy-heartedness of grief, depressive behavior, lack of confidence and excellent heart remedy.

Blue Borage Honey Benefits

The blue Borage honey is a very clear and distinctive type of honey. It has a pale color, subtle aromatic aroma, and sweet taste.


Since the flowers do not contain any toxic unlike the leaves and any other flower, the honey also contains no toxic and safe to be consumed. Compare to other honey such as Christmas vine, lucerne or orange, the blue Borage honey has low antibacterial activity.

Borage Oil Benefits

Borage oil is famous as nature richest source of gamma linoleic acid or GLA which is an essential acid for several disease treatments such as rheumatoid, arthritis, and joint problems.

GLA is an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid which is active to fights various cancer such as breast, brain, and prostate cancer. Historically, the Borage oil was used for various ailment treatments such as fever and stress.

borageoilMoreover, the modern medicine also began taking serious interest over this blue flower if it has another medicinal benefit.

When the modern research remains in early stages, lots of people claim that Borage oil can reduce premenstrual syndrome of PMS.

However, even though the Borage oil has many benefits, it can cause mild side effects to some people such as nausea and digestive distress.

Therefore, when consuming Borage oil, it is better to combine with supplements and meals.

It is also important to have a consult before consuming Borage oil for people take anticoagulant and have liver disease. This oil also is not suggested to be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding women since it can affect the lactation.

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