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What You Need to Know About Coconut Palm Tree

What You Need to Know About Coconut Palm Tree

There are many different palm trees on the planet and it should be very easy for us to point out the most popular as well as the most beneficial one in our life. Coconut palm tree has become the most commonly grown of all palm trees.

Most of the time, we commercially grow this palm tree for its nutritious fruit. Coconut palms are categorized into the Arecaceae family and most scientists known this plant as Cocos nucifera.

It is really easy for us to find plenty of coconut trees on the beach area. It is closely related to the fact that sandy soil is the best place for a coconut tree to grow. In their natural habitat, coconut palms can grow up to 800-100 feet tall with 20-30 feet width.


The benefits of Coconut Palms

Coco palm is known as one of the most useful palm trees. It is so useful that we simply enjoy the coconut water instantly. If you feel thirsty and look for the healthiest way to quench your thirst, you can simply pick a young coconut fruit and enjoy the sweet and refreshing water through a straw.

coconut03Coconut water contained in the coconut fruit is not the only thing that you can enjoy, there are many other parts of the coconut palm tree that can be very useful in our life.

This type of palm tree has provided us with its meat, pulp, milk and oil. In some countries on the planet, this tree is also known as a staple source of food.

Coconut palm tree is also known for its medicinal properties. The people who practice traditional medicine, coco palm may come in very handy in treating a number of serious diseases like bronchitis, asthma or skin infections.

In addition to that, you can also take advantage of this palm tree to cure you from bruises, colds, burns, cough, constipation, wounds and sore throat. You can even rely on this palm to help you reduce your weight.


The use of coconut oil has been recognized in almost every place on earth. The oil produced by the Cocos nucifera has turned out to be healthiest oil in our industry and it is now widely used for cooking in many countries in the world. Unlike many other oils, coconut oil is filled with an array of important nutrients like vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber. Besides cooking, we also use this oil to make cosmetics and soap.

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Taking Care of the Coconut Palm Tree

If you are fascinated by the benefits of coco palm and somehow are interested in planting the tree for your own purposes, make sure that you are pretty knowledgeable about how to take care of the palm tree properly. You need to understand that this palm tree will prosper optimally in the area with 72°F temperature.


It would be best if you plant this tree in sandy soil. The tree requires well-drained and moist soil to grow optimally. Once they find the correct soil to grow, the coco palm will become hardy tree that only needs minimal treatment.

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