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Read This Before You Plant Your Favorite Lavender Plants

Read This Before You Plant Your Favorite Lavender Plants

It is no doubt that we are living on a planet gifted with countless, beneficial plants. We just cannot deny their crucial role in supporting and improving our life and civilization since many centuries ago.

Natural plants are known to be categorized in fruit plants and flowering plants. The latter category is known to grow plenty of flowers on their trees and branches. If you wonder about the flowering plants that come with attractive flowers and heavenly smells, then you need to have a closer look at the lavender plants.

This flowering plant has become a very familiar choice to many gardeners out there. Not only that gardeners love the capacity of lavender plants to add more beauties to their gardens, these plants can be a beautiful part of your landscape.


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So far, we have revealed 39 lavender plant varieties which are mostly found in India, the tropical parts of Africa and the Mediterranean region. Lavender plants are also known as Lavendula and most of the perennial flowering plants belong to this genus.

Some of the lavender plant varieties come in the forms of herbaceous plants and some of them are categorized as shrubs and subshrubs.


In addition to the above explanations, did you know that lavender is also beneficial to health. Essential oil of lavender has been used in various hospitals since world war. Other benefits of lavender is this flower can be used as a mixture for making perfumes, balms, salves, and others.

Types of Lavender Plants

Frenchlavender01A lavender garden at your backyard certainly makes a beautiful addition and before you equip your garden with this beautiful flowering plant, it might be quite useful for you to find out the types of lavender plants.

Recognizing a lavender plant in a garden or woods is pretty simple.

All you have to do is focus your view on the erect and upright stems of the plants. The color of the leaves is silvery green and the plants may come in pinnate or entire nature.

Mainly, we can point out three different types of lavender; English lavender, French lavender and Spanish lavender. The first type of the lavender plants is also known as the true lavender. It is mostly marked by its rather narrow leaves and the color of the flower is deep purple.


The second type of lavender comes with serrated and gray-colored leaves. The flowers of French lavender are mostly covered by light purple.

Spanish lavender features purple and white flowers while its leaves come in dark green color. You can notice a unique property of Spanish lavender on the shape of its flowers. Unlike some other lavender types, they look like a pineapple. Thus, it is very important for you to ask about the type of lavender when you purchase the lavender seeds.

Planting Your Lavender Plants

lavendergardenHaving a beautiful lavender garden right next to your home would be something you cannot resist easily.

Not only that it can create a more beautiful look of your living space, a pretty and attractive lavender garden might just improve the value of your house too.

Some people love to grow their lavender from the lavender seeds. However, you need to understand that this step will not lead you to have a good yield. A lavender plant would be best to be planted on a pot. It is your job that you can keep the soil in the pot gravelly and well-drained.

If you wonder about the best time to plant your lavender plants, the summer season is highly recommended. Lavender plants require plenty of natural light from the sun and summer would be a perfect match for them. Make sure that you do not place the lavender plants in shaded areas.

If they need plenty of sunlight, can you grow lavender indoors?

Your lavender plants can grow just fine indoor areas as long as you can come up with a perfect placement. It would be best if you can place your lavender on a windowsill or some other airy spots. That way, they will be indulged with plenty of natural lights.


There are plenty of choices available to add more beauties to your gardens or to make your house more attractive. Lavender plants have become one of the most favorite garden plants in the world due to the fact that they do not need complicated efforts or specific gardening skills.

Thus, there would be nothing else that keeps you from planting lavender even if you are not an experienced gardener.

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