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Preparing For Your Own Pineapple Plant and Get the Sweet Benefits

Preparing For Your Own Pineapple Plant and Get the Sweet Benefits

Pineapple is a native tropical fruit to America. For centuries, it had been consumed throughout South America and Caribbean. Therefore, it is not excessive to state that pineapple plant had become a favorite fruit among other tropical plants.

Since a long time ago, even before the pineapple discovery by Christopher Columbus, pineapple plants had been used as by Native Americans. To some Native Americans, pineapple was used as a part of diet program.

For the others, pineapple plants could be used for the preparation of making alcoholic beverage (such as pineapple wine), for the production of fiber, and also for medical needs.

pineappleplant03Nowadays, through the international trade, pineapple has become the third most important tropical fruit in the worldwide production after bananas and citrus.

There are many variations of products made off this fruit which are sold in the worldwide trade such as canned slices and chunks.

It means that many people throughout the world buy and consume this fruit. Therefore, many farmers in the world consider having pineapple plants in their field since it can give them an economic profit.

However, having pineapple plants in your field is not that easy. There is certain pineapple plant information which you have to consider before going further to know about how to grow a pineapple.

As stated before, pineapple plant is a kind of tropical plant. Therefore, just like other tropical plants, pineapple plants absolutely depend on the climate factors such as temperature and rainfall intensity. Pineapple plants will grow productively in the land with extensive sunlight.


These plants also require the temperature below 32̊ C as its ideal temperature. However, different from other tropical fruits which require a high intensity of rainfall, pineapple plants do not require as much as that high intensity of rainfall.

Besides the climate factors, this plant also depends on the controllable factors such as the supply of water, nutrients and soil. In order to get high productivity, pineapple plants require the good soil with high organic content, a good internal drainage, high air content which function to supply oxygen and nutrients the roots.

After knowing the pineapple plant information, then there is little information on how to grow a pineapple. In order to grow a pineapple plant, there are some treatments to prepare such as curing, bundling, and grading. A good preparation for those treatments can support the process on how to grow a pineapple.

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pineappleplant01In growing a pineapple, the process does not stop only at those steps. After growing the pineapple plant, certain pineapple plant care such as supplying nutrients regularly, controlling the pest and diseases are absolutely required for the health growth for the pineapple plant.

Hopefully by doing these things, the pineapple plants can grow productively and bear the fresh pineapple fruits.

Fresh pineapple fruits are important since they are not only delicious but also useful for health. Fresh pineapple fruits can help you to prevent asthma since they have a good beta carotene. This fruit also can work as cancer prevention since it contains vitamin C which is required to save the body from free radical causing cancer.

Besides, the fresh pineapple fruit can be combined with other fresh fruits and vegetables in the process of making mixed juice which is useful for weight lost. For example, the combination of watermelon, mango and pineapple will create delicious mixed juice. Or, you can try to combine fresh pineapple fruit with fresh kiwi, cucumber, and also broccoli. This mixed juice is good for weight lost since this fruit contains good enzymes which can detoxify your body.


However, pineapple plant not only can protect your body’s health but also can beautify your yard. If you are getting bored with the usual look of the pineapple plant and you want to make it beautiful then you can start to create pineapple plant flower.

In order to create pineapple plant flower you can start with the top part first. The first step is that cutting the top part off. After that, you can cut several layers of the leaves in order to get the shape as what you want to create.

After all, the fun of pineapple plants comes not only from consuming the delicious pineapple fruits but also from creating the beauty of pineapple plan flower. So, don’t you want to have this tropical fruit in your yard or field?

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