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Planting Sun Flowers to Brighten the Garden

Planting Sun Flowers to Brighten the Garden

The big yellow flower which is originated from fertile lands such as Asia, South and Central America, has become most favorite plants worldwide. Yes, sun flowers which scientifically known as Helianthus annulus have lots of benefits; it is not only beautiful for ornament and flower bouquet but also edible with a good amount of vitamin E and antioxidants.

The flower is indeed can instantly brighten up the garden with its big yellow petal.

Sunflower plant

Planting sunflower plants is not very difficult as it requires little of care. Sun flower plants have long root and require wide areas to stretch the root. Originally, people plant sunflower from the seeds. The right time to germinate sun flowers seed is in spring with warm temperature.


To grow a healthy sun flower plant, you need to plant them in moist soil and receive much amount sunlight. You can place the seed right in the soil for about an inch deep and make sure to give enough distance between each other since the sun flowers will grow very tall.

Sunflower plant likes a huge amount of water and needs to be watered in regular. However, you have to make sure that the amount of water is enough for it to grow and not over water which can make the root rot.

sunflowersActually, sunflower has good resistance toward drought; even though it looks half death, it can quickly recover after a good watering.

Since sunflower plant is high in height which are around 8 feet and some other species can reach 15 feet, it prone to get blown with the strong wind.

Therefore, if your area has strong winds, you need to increase its strength using a bamboo stick or such.

For a good quality of sun flowers, you have to be very careful with sunflower foes such as snails, squirrels, and caterpillar which can make the sunflower dies. If you find those animals in your garden, you better get rid of them before destroying the plants.

Similar to other plants, fertilization is also important to support the sun flower plant to grow healthier; however make sure not to over fertilizing since it makes the stem grow soggy.

Sun flowers are a seasonal flower; it can grow fast and only last for a single season. After two or three months to mature, the flower will go downward away from the sun; then it is time to harvest sunflower when the back of the flower turn from green to yellow which indicates the mature seed.

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Sunflower benefits

For centuries, sun flower plants have become one of the most favorite flowers for some people. The big and bright yellow petal represents happiness becomes the main reason for some people to cultivate it.


Besides, sunflowers plants have a huge benefit for human health. As the bright yellow petal can be good alternatives for a wedding bouquet in substitute for rose as it represents happiness. The seed is known for years as delicious diet snack.


Moreover, sun flowers seed can also process into oil. Sunflower seed oil is the three largest source of vegetable oil after palm and soybean oil. The sun flowers seed oil contain a high amount of antioxidant and vitamin E.

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