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Orchids: The Unique Flowering Plant

Orchids: The Unique Flowering Plant

Orchid which is also known as Orchidaceae is a flowering plant which has fragrant blooms with various colors. Considered as one of the largest flowering plants families, there are more than 20.000 species and over 200.000 hybrid varieties of Orchid from more than 800 genera.

This kind of plant usually can be found in tropical countries all over the world. Orchid is often associated with some cultures and has several different meanings. Orchids flowers usually are used as a symbol of love, beauty, and even luxury.

Many people choose orchid flowers as their favorite plant in a home not only because its appearance and smell but also its ability to grow both indoors and outdoors. In addition, orchids plants also have many advantages and uses.


How to Grow and Care Orchids

If you want to grow orchids flowers, there are some information that you need to know in order to be successful. The first thing you need to do is choosing a species that you want. You can ask the orchid seller who usually been experienced in the field for years or search for this information from the internet.


It is better if you choose the one that is suitable to your environment. Each orchid from different genera needs different treatment. Certain temperature is needed to grow orchid. Besides, you also need to know other requirements such as the ideal humidity, the watering schedule, and also the certain amount of UV or light exposure.

Some orchid plants are also easier to grow than others, so make sure you choose the right type.

The next step is selecting the right type of soil. Unlike other plants or flowers, orchids plants do not need to be planted in potting soil. Orchid roots require more air than other plants so placing orchid in a potting soil can be a big mistake.

pottingmixfororchidsThe solution of this problem is using a medium or also known as a potting mix in which a plant is grown.

There are many things that can be used as potting mix.

Most people use coconut husks, bark chips, sphagnum moss, perlite or charcoal.

Styrofoam pellets can also be a good choice too. In addition, the medium can be used alone or as a combination.

Most orchids plants enjoy being root bound. You can place them in snug pots if you are sure that they will not be too big. Remember to provide pots with enough holes for drainage. Some pots that can be used including clean plastic pots, wooden pots and net pots.

Those pots will provide appropriate and breathable space for orchids flowers. You can plant orchid by putting a few seeds in the soil of the pots. Make sure your hands are clean when doing this. The environment and the tools used in the process should also be sterile. After that you can add fertilizer into the pots.

Do not forget to water the orchid well according to the ideal watering schedule because overwatering can damage the plant.

You can repot your orchid when it is needed. Most people always do this when the orchids plants grow bigger until the roots break the original pots. Some orchid species also have different repotting schedule. When removing an orchid from its original pots, you need to cut and clean rotting and dead roots from it. You can place the orchid to a pot by dividing the roots into different parts and add some potting mix.


Do not forget to provide the right temperature for your orchid. Orchid plants need plenty of light and enough air in order to grow successfully. The appropriate temperature usually is between 18.3 to 23.8 degrees Celsius.

Since most orchids flowers are originated from tropical countries, they need enough sunlight every day. However, it is better to give orchids flowers indirect sunlight which is relatively safer for them. High level of humidity is also needed by orchids. The average level of humidity is about 60% to 80%.

Orchid Uses

Orchids flowers have many uses in our daily life. Dried seed pods of Vanilla, a certain species of orchids flower can be used for flavoring in baking. Some underground tubers and dried leaves of Jumellea fragrans of terrestrial orchids can also be used for cooking.


The use of orchids plants in medicine is also popular. Orchid can cure and treat many illness and diseases. Besides, orchids flowers’ scent can be used as fragrance or perfume.

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