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More Information about Mint Herb

More Information about Mint Herb

Nature has provided us with a plethora of different plants in a way that we can benefit so much from them. Since centuries ago, human kind has been very familiar with consuming various types of plants especially the ones that produce plenty of fruits every blooming season.

Some of the plants produce edible leaves like a mint plant. We have come up with many different uses of the mint herb. This type of plant requires more soils in order to grow properly.

The soil with wet or soaking condition might not be sufficient to grow mint herb plant. Mulching has to be an ideal method to keep the moisture of the soil. Mint herb is seen as a resilient plant as it can tolerate area with plenty of lights as well as partial shade. In general, mint herb plants can grow up to 2 or 3 feet high.

plantingmintherbWithout a proper maintenance, your mint herb plant might take over the entire area of your garden. The leaves of your mint herb are more valuable than the flowers of the herb.

Should you find your mint herb plant starts to grow flowers, it would be best if you remove the flowers by hands. If you don’t, the amount of leaves of the mint herb plants will be reduced.

Planting mint herb in your garden should not be very hard whatsoever. You can find the mint seeds at the nearest plant stores. Once your mint plants grow plenty of leaves, it might be a good time to harvest them. You can simply cut the leaves as much as you need.


pineapple mint

Make sure that you start the harvesting process from the top leaves. This technique will trigger the growth of the new leaves. A good thing about mint herb leaves is that you can save them for later use. Even though the leaves will start to dry up, they will not lose their special flavor.



Mint herb plants come in a variety of species whereas each of them can be sued for specific purposes. Pineapple mint, mentha spicata (spearmint), peppermint, and chocolate mint herb plant are among the most popular mint plants in the world.



Most of them could be a great addition to our dishes. Peppermint and spearmint are mostly used to create tasty and healthy drinks as well as desserts. Chocolate mint also comes in very handy in making delicious desserts while pineapple mint can be a great addition to your salad or cooking recipes.


chocolate mint

A Number of Culinary Delights Made with Mint Herb

mintherbflowersWe have been very familiar with cooking eggs in many different manners. You can have it scrambled or fried. Omelet and quiche are also very common forms of egg cooking.

If you like to add more flavor to your eggs, you can complement it with some chopped mints.

This type of mint herb can be a great addition to your vegetables as well. You can either add them to the steamed vegetables or use them as the finishing touch to your cooking to present a peppy flavor.

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