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Growing Big Bonsai to Maintain Emotion

Growing Big Bonsai to Maintain Emotion

Many people choose gardening as their hobby; gardening is a very useful hobby which provides a possibility to give more income. For some people, gardening can relieve stress from everyday work.

There are many kinds of gardening; one of the interesting gardening activities is growing a big bonsai. Big bonsai is a technique to dwarf a certain tree.

It is indeed a living art since the tree is shaped uniquely and preserved well. Growing big bonsai needs lots of patients; therefore it is a good way to handle with your emotion especially when you are in stress.


Growing big bonsai is not an easy job. It requires thorough treatment and a lot of patients, especially for the seed of the big bonsai. It takes years for a big bonsai to grow very artistically with unique trunk and leaves.

There are several points to remember when growing or treating big bonsai

1. Growing from seed, pre-bonsai, or buying fully miniature big bonsai

There are few ways to grow big bonsai; growing big bonsai from seed will takes longer time. It can be years to grow from seed until the tree is strong enough to be treated as big bonsai. For beginner stage, it is better to get pre-bonsai and plant the seed at the same time.

Therefore, you will have the experience to grow seed and treated pre-bonsai. If you are not patient enough to wait for the seed to grow or treating pre-bonsai, you can get the fully big bonsai tree. The fully grown big bonsai does not need growing but needs more caring.


2. Watering

Big bonsai cannot get too dry or too moist because it can harm its root. Therefore, it needs to be very careful when talking about big bonsai watering. The species of the tree also determines how much the water need. Some tree needs to be moist all the time, but some other need to be dry.

You should know the species of the three first. It does not have to be strict on the schedule, you just need to feel the soil moistness first before watering and decide how much it needs water. There are two ways of watering big bonsai; overhead and bottom watering.

Overhead watering can be done using the fine spray or mist to avoid eroding the water. This way of watering can be used to clean the leaves from dust and avoid insects. Bottom watering is a way to water the lower part of big bonsai. You can place big bonsai on the saucer water until the enough amount of water.

If the plant does not absorb the water within 15 to 30 minutes, you need to discard the excess water. The right time to water the big bonsai is early on the day; therefore it has enough time to absorb the water.

3. Fertilizer

Just like any plants, big bonsai also needs fertilizer to keep it healthy. Since the shape of big bonsai root and it is restricted by the pot; it cannot look for nutrients like the common tree. Therefore, it is your duty to give it nutrients.

It does not have to fertilize every day; you just need to constantly feed the big bonsai during spring, summer and early fall. There is a special fertilizer for big bonsai, but you can just use the regular fertilizer as it also works the same as the special big bonsai fertilizer.

The most important point is to the nutrition contains in fertilizer. The main ingredient of fertilizers is nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus; each of the ingredients has a different function. Nitrogen focuses on growing and feeding the leaves and trunks, potassium helps to grow flower and fruits, and phosphorus focuses on supplying food for the roots.

4. Placement

You should consider lots of things when it comes to place big bonsai. First, you need to decide the place, according to the species. For outdoor big bonsai or tropical trees, you need to get the right place to prevent it from strong winds or rain which can damage the tree itself. Importantly, wherever you put the big bonsai, it has to get enough sunlight supply.


5. Pruning

Pruning is important to keep the shape of the big bonsai to look as the way you want. Both the root and the leaves need to be pruned constantly to keep its balance. There are two types of pruning; maintenance and style pruning. When pruning, you have to use the appropriate tools; it can be gardening scissor or hands. After cutting the branches, make sure to put on some healing paste on the cut mark.

6. Disease

Just like other plants, big bonsai also catches diseases by pests, viruses, fungus, and insects. You have to make sure to check for uninvited guests. If you have several big bonsais, if one big bonsai gets infected, you have to separate it to avoid spreading to another big bonsai.


Even though growing big bonsai is not easy and simple, but it can help you to maintain your emotion stage as big bonsai require lots of patients.

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