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Garlic: The Useful Plant

Garlic: The Useful Plant

Garlic or also well-known as Allium sativum is a medicinal plant in the family Amaryllidaceae. Garlic has short, woody stem in the center, or softer pseudostem made from overlapping leaf sheath (soft neck). There are also larger garlic cloves produced by a false flower stock from the hard neck.

Although this medicinal plant is originated from Asia, these days garlic can be found in many areas around the world. The largest producer of garlic is China followed by India and South Korea.


Garlic has been popular for its uses in daily life. For culinary uses, garlic is used as seasoning or flavoring food. It can be dried or powdered. The most frequently used part of garlic in food is its plant bulb. Besides, garlic also has many advantages for our health. Some researches said that garlic can cure some diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer and cold.


Preparation in Planting Garlic

If you want to plant garlic there are some things you need to prepare. The first thing you need in planting garlic is choosing certain garlic to plant. Although it is possible to plant garlic which is sold in markets, you will have more successful chances if you choose those from plant nursery.

All garlic parts, such as seeds or garlic cloves can be found there. Plant nursery usually offers wide varieties of garlic so that you can choose the one that is suitable with your environment. Besides, nursery workers often have some useful advice for you about planting garlic and caring garlic.

When to Plant Garlic

The best time to plant garlic is in the spring or fall. People living in a southern area usually plant garlic in early spring between February and March. On the other hand, those living in a northern area choose fall to plant garlic because they usually have very cold winter.

Planting garlic early will make the bulbs become larger and have better taste. The best time to plant it is about 6-8 weeks before the ground starts to freeze.

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How to Plant Garlic

howtoplantgarlicChoose a planting spot that will meet the requirements of planting garlic. First, make sure the planting spot will have enough sunlight exposures and contain good soil.

Then, you have to prepare about a 4 inches hole in the ground. You can also plant garlic in a pot. Choose a pot which is big and deep enough to provide breathable space.

Remember to add fertilizer or compost into it to make it healthy. After that, you can plant garlic by dividing the bulb into an individual part. Then, put each clove in the ground for about 2 inches from the surface.

Make sure you provide enough distance to each clove. It is important to put the flat root side pointing down and the tapered side pointing up in order to make the garlic grow in the right direction. After that, you just need to cover them with soil gently.


How to Grow Garlic

Take care of your garlic well. Do not forget to water it every three or five days in a week. However, garlic planted during fall or winter does not really need too much water. Besides, fertilizer is also important. It helps garlic grow stronger and healthy.

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