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Daisy Flower to Show Affection and Love

Daisy Flower to Show Affection and Love

“He loves me, he loves me not”. Some people may have done this game using petal flower. The most common use is daisy flower.

Daisy flower is a flower which is look similar to sun flower that has petals and golden center.

In term of species number, daisy flowers are the second largest family of flower which is composite family. Generally, in flowering plant, daisies flowers are also known as Asteraceae. This flower is a native flower plant from the north and central Europe.

daisyflower02There are approximately 4000 species of daisies flower which comes in different size, shape, habitat, and color. Daisy flower can grow both in wet and dry soil but it prefers to live in humid soil, with lots of direct sunlight.

The word daisy originally comes from Anglo Saxon word “daes eage” which means day’s eyes. This name is in relation with daisy’s blooming time.

Daisy flower blooms at closes and dawn at night. In some regions, daisies flowers bloom in the peak of summer; hence it is called thunder flower when there are lots of thunder.


Since daisies flowers come in different size and color, many people cultivate for its attractiveness. Similar to the flowers, daisy flowers symbolize innocence and purity and new meaning. It is also widely known as the symbol of loyal love, patience, and beauty. Giving daisy flowers to others gives meaning of affection and respectable.

daisyflowerbouquetThe daisies flower usually uses to make flower crown by children. It is also a good choice for wedding flower bouquet and corsage. For some species, the leaves are edible and can be a good choice for salad.

The daisy flower petals can be used as herbal tea and honey. This beautiful flower is also used as homeopathy to accelerate the healing process after surgery and reduce the back pain.

Growing and caring daisy flowers are not difficult; it is usually grown from seeds. When growing daisy flower, place it on a place which has rich sun rays and water it constantly.

Daisies flower is not easily affect by insect or fungus, but when it does affect, spray with insecticide or soapy water. Before the blooming time, give daisy flower enough amount of fertilizer which rich with phosphorus.

Who says that a flower cannot speak? This little thing can speak lots more than words can. There are lots of varieties of daisy flowers; each of them has different meaning. The most common and favorite daisy flowers are blue daisies, yellow daisies which have the meaning as bright as the sun in your face, purple daisies, and gerbera daisies are very large in size and very beautiful bloom.


It usually comes in big and colorful petals. This beautiful flower has a cheerful meaning. Lots of people like this variety of daisy since it is edible and beautiful in presence. It includes as the five most cut flower in the world. This flower has become the most favorite flower for a different occasion such as birthdays, graduation, congratulations, new born baby, and many more.

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yellowdaisyflower04 purpledaisyflower gerberadaisyflower gerberadaisyflower01


bluedaisyflower07 daisyflower09 pinkdaisyflower05 reddaisyflower


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