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Blueberry Plants – Their Types and Benefits

Blueberry Plants – Their Types and Benefits

Our planet is home to a plethora of plants that produce plenty of fruits. Most of the fruits are edible that are very rich in important nutrition like vitamins, fiber and etc. Blueberry plants have to be one of the most popular fruit plants in the world.

These plants are well known for their unique flavor as well as their health benefits. It is their benefits and healthy nutrition that make them widely used in making plenty of tasty dishes including jams and pies.

These tasty and juicy fruits come with little calories. Therefore, you are most welcome to consume the fruits fresh from the plants.


highbush blueberries

These plants naturally grow up to 8 feet high and if you manage to provide them with the proper type of soil, the plants are more likely to flourish.

Planting and growing blueberry plants invite plenty of fun, however you need to be very patient should plant them from the seeds.

It normally takes 3 to 4 years before your blueberry plant start producing tasty and juicy fruits.

If you cannot wait that long, you can simply purchase the fruits at some grocery or fruit stores. They are widely available in every corner of the country.

Blueberry Varieties

The blueberry plants are originated from North America. This fruit plant is classified into the Genus Vaccinium and section Cyanococcus. Blueberries are also flowering plants that come with a number of blueberry varieties.

Highbush Blueberries have to be one of the most common blueberry types. We can easily find them in any grocery stores in your local area. Lowbush Blueberries as also known as the wild blueberries. They are named lowbush as their height is less than 18 inches.


lowbush blueberries

The next type of blueberries is Half-high Blueberries. This blueberry plant is known as the hybrid combination of the previous blueberries types. They are pretty resilient species because heavy snowfall will not cause them serious harms. The tallest type of blueberry plants is known as the Rabbiteye Blueberries. This plant has no problem to grow under the full sun.


rabbiteye blueberries

The Benefits of Blueberry Plants to Our Health

Their great taste is not the only good thing that comes from this fruit plant. Blueberries come with plenty benefits mainly due to their rich and nutritious content. This sweet fruit contains plenty of antioxidants, numerous vitamins, potassium, zinc, sodium, magnesium, anthocyanins, manganese and other precious minerals. This incredible content may come in very handy to our health and beauty.



Here is a list of blueberry benefits that will encourage consuming more blueberries in your daily dishes.

  • Eye Care

Blueberries are very rich in Vitamins A, C and E, carotenoids and flavonoids. These healthy contents come in very handy in maintaining the health of our ocular. In other words, consuming blueberries can be useful to reduce or prevent a number of eye disorders including myopia, macular degeneration, cataract and hypermetropia.

  • Keeps You Away from Brain Disorders

This beneficial fruit plant is obviously rich in abundant important minerals and vitamins. Its content can help you protect your brain from a number of neurotic disorders. Consuming blueberries will help you prevent the neuron and brain cells degeneration. This tasty fruit can be very beneficial in keeping the central nervous system healthy.

More surprisingly, these berries can also help the cure of Alzheimer disease.

  • Anti-aging

Most of us must have been very familiar with free radicals yet only a few of us who can recall them as a chemical species that causes more damages to our biological system. Simply put, they are responsible for triggering faster aging process in our body.

Luckily, these berries are very rich in antioxidants and that makes it helpful in reducing the damages related to the free radicals presence. The antioxidants and the vitamin C in the berries will help you fight the aging process and keep you look a lot younger in the end.


Apparently, there are still many other health benefits that come from consuming more blueberries. Not only that blueberry plants will help you boost your immunity and improve your digestion system, the chemical compound in these berries are very helpful to prevent and also cure cancer. Thus, do not hesitate yourself from planting, growing and consuming blueberry plants.

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