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Basic Step for Growing Marsh Mallow Plant

Basic Step for Growing Marsh Mallow Plant

Most of the people think of fluffy sweet food which commonly roasted in a campfire when heard the word Marsh Mallow. But this Marsh Mallow is a kind of plant. Marsh Mallow plant is a very famous botanical plant for years.

Originally, Marsh Mallow plant comes from Africa and considered as herb type. The plant which has a scientific name as Althanea Officinalis has been widely known for its medicine usage.

Besides the medical purpose, Marsh Mallow plant can make the garden more beautiful with its pretty small pale flowering.


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Growing Marsh Mallow Plant

Growing Marsh Mallow plant is not difficult; the proper placement can make Marsh Mallow grow very healthy. The most important factor for growing Marsh Mallow plant is a moist soil. Naturally, Marsh Mallow cannot grow well in dry soil.

marshmallowplant02You should plant the Marsh Mallow in distance between each other for about 2 feet apart.

Since this flower is an everlasting plant; you may want to consider putting in permanent place. Besides moist soil, Marsh Mallow plant requires full sun supply.

As a perennial flower weed, Marsh Mallow plant has a soft and hairy stem for about 3 to 4 feet height.

It has branched stem which makes it like a bushy weed. The Marsh Mallow plant soft leaves are divided into three divisions which are similar to the maple leaf.

The flowers emerge from the upper stalk; it has 6 heart shaped petals which are commonly in white, mauve, and bluish pink. Marsh Mallow plants usually bloom in the late summer.

There are two ways to grow Marsh Mallow plants; you can plant it from the cutting division or growing seed. Growing Marsh Mallow plant from root division is very easy; you just need to cut the root, after the plant dies you can plant it right away in damp soil and full sun expose.


The new shoot of Marsh Mallow plant grows well in cold or cool temperature. In other hand, growing the Marsh Mallow from seeds requires a more delicate handle.

Planting Marshmallow Seeds

The very first step for planting marshmallow seeds is stratifying. The Marsh Mallow seeds cannot directly be planted in the ground; it needs to stratify by exposing the seeds into the cold and damp condition.

You can place the seeds in seed trays in the green house to stratify them. The best season for stratifying Marsh Mallow seeds during mild winter or autumn. The natural cold and freezing condition can help the seed grow quickly.

When you want to plant in spring, you need to stratify the seed in the fridge. You have to frequently check the seeds for every sign of germination; once the seeds start to germinate then it needs planting immediately.


Plant the germination seeds in the pot or poly bag with good drainage. You have to keep the soil and the temperature as moist as possible since the Marsh Mallow can only grow in the humid place.

marshmallowplant03In addition, Marsh Mallow seeds should receive enough sunlight and cool area at the same time. For example of a good place is placing them in indoor by the window.

Once the germinated seed starts to sprout; it is time to move the plants outside.

You can transplant right away in the moist ground and make sure to give it plenty of water in huge amount especially when the weather is hot. After that, you just need to sit down and watch them grow while watering it frequently.

As plants originated from the subtropical area, Marsh Mallow plants adaptation to cold or cool weather with a rich amount of sunlight. It is not too difficult to grow Marsh Mallow plant as it is adapt to cold weather and you just need to keep the soil moist and the temperature cool.

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