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Aloe Vera: Plant With Dozen of Benefits for Your Health

Aloe Vera: Plant With Dozen of Benefits for Your Health

Aloe vera has long become a very useful plant for daily life. This plant is a species of Aloe and originated from northern Africa. Plant with tons of benefits is a kind of succulent with thick and fleshy leaf.

The most used Aloe species is Aloe Barbadensis Miller which has been used for the medical purpose for years.

Aloe vera has four layers on the leaf; the rind which is the outer layer of Aloe, the sap which is a layer of bitter fluid that protect the Aloe vera from animals, the mucilage which is the inner part of Aloe vera that filleted to be aloe gel, and the last part is the Aloe vera which is the inner gel that contains essential Amino Acid which is good for the body.


How to use aloe vera plant

Aloe vera best consumes freshly from the plant because it will not last long when stored. The stored Aloe vera product contains preservatives to keep it in good condition. Generally, people consume the inner gel of Aloe vera. It can be used for the outer use and also consumed as a cool beverage.

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Benefits of aloe vera

The common use of Aloe vera is excellent hair growth serum. You just need to rub the Aloe vera inner gel to the hair, leave it for several hours then rinse off. For skin regenerations, Aloe vera can be used as a facial mask to soothe and give collagen for the skin.

Aloe vera is also useful for decrease cholesterol and blood sugar level. Besides, Aloe vera is good for people with the digestive problem as it contain substances that can protect bowel system.


Health Benefits of Aloe vera Juice

  1. Detox

Our daily life cannot be separated from stress, pollution, and junk food. Too much unhealthy things can result in unbalance body system; therefore once in a while it is important to get detox. There are lots of ways to body detox; one of the ways is drinking Aloe vera juice. The vitamins and minerals contain in Aloe vera can help relieve body stress and strain.

  1. Help digestion

Eating unhealthy food such as junk food which contains less fiber can result in indigestion. The body will only be able to absorb nutrition from food if the digestion system is in healthy condition too.

Therefore, as Aloe vera juice also useful for detoxification, it can increase digestion system such as reduce the amount of unhealthy yeast and bacteria in the colon and increase protein absorption ability and improve bowel regularity. Besides, Aloe vera juice can reduce the digestive system such as constipation.

  1. Immunity

Aloe vera juice contains huge amounts of antioxidants which can protect the body from free radicals in the body. As we all know, that free radicals are a harmful substance from pollution and unhealthy way of life which can result in unbalance metabolism and premature aging.

Drinking Aloe vera juice on a regular basis can make the body boost the immune system that can fight against free radicals.

  1. Healthy skin

Aloe vera provides a good deal of collagen and elastin to keep the skin healthy. Our skin regenerates once in 28 days; therefore the nutrition from Aloe vera can help the skin fights against aging. Besides, Aloe vera helps soothe skin, heal skin irritations, scrapes, cuts, and burns.

  1. Lower cholesterol and blood sugar

Aloe vera is good to lower the cholesterol and gives positive effects on blood sugars lever. Therefore, it can be treated for diabetic people and lose weight. In most cases, Aloe vera can is also useful for dieting without fatigue or exhaustion.

  1. Excellent hair growth

It is already used for a long time that Aloe vera indeed promotes hair growth. It is full with natural vitamins and enzymes that can help growth.

Side Effect of Aloe vera Juice

Even though Aloe vera has tons of benefits for the body, it has to be consumed on the right dosage. The fresh Aloe vera indeed does not contain any side effects, however if you consume the products of Aloe vera leaf it may contain a high amount of aloin levels.


Aloin is a substance which is laxative, therefore, excessive consumption of aloin can lead to diarrhea. Therefore, it is better to consume Aloe vera products in enough doses for a day.

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