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All You Need to Know About Flowers Roses

All You Need to Know About Flowers Roses

If I had to recall the most beautiful flowers on earth, I would simply point out flowers roses and put them on the top of the list. Revealing more facts about this beautiful flower shall be very interesting because it has so many fans all over the world.

In addition, we have come up with an array of different uses of roses. The fact that this very popular flower has come in many different and beautiful colors has made it more valuable both in our society as well as in the market of flowers.

So far, the scientists or botanists have revealed more than 100 species of rose plants where most of them are found in Asian countries.


climbing rose

Only a few of the rose species belong to the European land.

Not only that this flower is famous for its different colors, rose plants come in many different sizes as well.

The word Rose itself is derived from Rosa, a Latin word used to describe this beautiful plant.

The following paragraphs should be very interesting as they will share your some facts about roses that you may not know before.

Interesting Facts about Rose Plants

We can find plenty of rose plants in many places on this planet. But, it was the United States of America who managed to make this beautiful flower as their national flower. Such declaration was officially made in 1986.

The hips of the rose plant turn out to be the most nutritious parts. Rose hip is very rich in various vitamins including E, C and K. Other than that, the fruit of the flowering plant also features plenty of beta-carotene, pectin and bio flavonoids. Rose plant can be very beneficial to our health too. They can come in very handy in improving our immune system due to its rich antioxidants.


tea roses

China is known as the first country that had cultivated roses for the first time in human history. They first did it more than 2,000 years ago. The cultivation of roses then spread to many other countries on the planet like India, European countries and also Middle East countries.

Flowers roses have been closely associated with legends, superstition and ancient mythologies. Should you wish to bring good luck to your days, you can follow some superstition that tells you to throw some roses to fire. Most commonly, roses are said to symbolize love and beauty. Little that you know, the tree of wild rose can grow up very tall up to 15 meters.

Different Types of Roses

If you have a garden in your backyard, adding some rose plants would simply add more beauty to the garden. Roses plants actually come in different lengths, shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the time, we treat all the roses plants the same. Little that you know, every type of rose plant comes with their own characteristics.


climbing rose

You need to understand that some of them are advantageous and the rest of them could bring you more troubles in your garden. Thus, before you decide which rose plants to plant in your garden, it would a lot wiser if you get to know different types of rose plants and their unique characters.

One of the most common types of rose plants used for beautifying your garden is the climbing rose. This type of rose is very resilient and strong. Most climber roses come up with a good immune system to fight against various plant diseases.


shrub roses

Should you plan to grow this rose in your garden, it would be best if your pay great attention to the way they grow.

They have many similarities with the sprawling roses.

During the rose season, the climber roses grow plenty of blooms and canes. Thus make sure that you keep your hands off the thorns.

If you like to have scented blooms and great lush in your garden, you might need to grow the tea rose. This rose plant allows you to enjoy the blooms quite often as it grows more frequently. Make sure that you cut the side buds quite often to keep the size of the flower under control.

There is a type of rose plant that only grow flowers once a year. In spite of the less frequent grow, you shall be provided with elegant and magnificent lush of flowers.

If you like to have the most resilient rose in your garden, you might need to choose the shrub roses. In addition to that, this type of rose comes up with fascinating colors. If you like to have the best accentuation for the borders of your garden, the best option would be the miniature roses.


miniature roses

The Colors of Roses and Their Meanings

Roses come with an array of different colors and these colors have made them very popular in the market of flower. Giving roses as gift to other people, mostly our beloved ones, has become a very common habit in our modern society. Before you give the rose to your loved one, it would be best if you figure out the meanings of every color. That way, you can decide which roses are the best one to give.


white rose

If you find the flowers roses with white color, they are used to expressed purity and peace. This type of rose will come in very handy when you need to mend a relationship after a fight. It simply conveys the message of reconciliation.

Red roses have to be one of the most common colors from this beautiful plant. The rose is used to express your love towards your lover as it represents a deep passion and love. Then comes a rose with dark red color which stands for a strong compliment. It would be perfect gift to show that your special someone is unconsciously beautiful for you.


dark red rose

Flowers roses also come with yellow, purple and black colors.

The one with yellow color represents respect, joy and friendship and it can be a great gift to your friend.

Other than that, it can be the representation of your jealousy towards your friends.

If you believe in love at first sight, then the purple rose would be the best item to represent it. Meanwhile, the black rose comes with unique and intriguing characters and is used to represent death or protest.

Apparently, there are many other colors come from this beautiful plant. Make sure that you discover the meanings before actually giving them to your lover or friends.


yellowroses purpleroses blackroses blueroses


purpleroses02 hybridtearose02 hybridteadoublerose hybridtearose


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