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A Quick Glance at Ficus Bonsai and Its Types

A Quick Glance at Ficus Bonsai and Its Types

Having a bonsai garden in your home can be very beneficial to your health, your home as well as your life. You can take advantages from all those benefits as long as you very serious in creating and maintaining your bonsai garden.

Before you start creating your garden, it is very important that you come up with a certain type of bonsai tree.

This early step is very crucial as it will determine all other related factors in creating a wonderful bonsai garden in your backyard.


Every type of bonsai tree comes with their own requirements and you should never take it for granted. If you happen to be a beginner in the world of bonsai gardening, it would be best if you choose types of bonsai meant for beginners like ficus, sago palms, the Hawaiian umbrella trees, money tree, brush cherry, serissa, or bougainvillea.

Ficus bonsai has to be one of the most popular choice for many beginners, let us have a closer look at this popular type of bonsai by reading the following paragraphs.

About Ficus Bonsai

ficusbonsai01Ficus Bonsai has turned out to be a really preferable option to many beginners for many different reasons.

In spite of the wonderful appearance of this type of bonsai tree, many beginners find it less difficult when it comes to caring and maintaining the tree.

Ficus in known as a very accommodating plant, you can either put it at your backyard or grow the ficus in your home.

If you like to keep the plant indoors, it is very important that you can provide it with plenty of light. Direct sunlight is not really necessary for this kind of bonsai plant. You also have to pay more attention on the humidity levels of the room. Placing it on humidity trays or keeping the buckets full of water in its vicinity would be just fine to keep the surrounding of the plant humid.

Once you find the soil of your ficus bonsai dry, it is really important that you can water it immediately. The watering frequency of ficus bonsai vary in different weather. You should water the plant more frequently in summer season and you can reduce the frequency in winter. You might need to very cautious in choosing the right soil for your ficus.


It would be best if you can come up with the type of soil that has good drainage capabilities. Should you wish to increase the water draining properties of your current soil, you can simply add some inorganic materials like pebbles and coarse. That will do just fine for the fig.

Should you care a lot about your ficus bonsai, you might be want to choose the pot carefully. The pot that has drainage holes is the best option for the fig. In order to prevent the soil erosion, you can simply cover the holes with a wire mesh. Make sure that you replace the pot every two years. For the aesthetic reason, it would be much better if you can come up with a pot that compliments the overall design of your ficus bonsai.

Ficus bonsai can be easily found in many places on the planet especially the tropical regions. It also come with many different varieties like ficus benjamina, ficus retusa, ficus nuda and ficus microcarpa. Let us have a further discussion on two of them, ficus benjamina and ficus retusa, for they are the most popular ficus varieties.

Ficus Benjamina Bonsai

ficusbenjaminabonsaiFicus Benjamina bonsai is very popular among many ficus bonsai enthusiasts.

This is such a unique and special bonsai plant that does not require complicated caring process. This type of bonsai has become very familiar to many bonsai beginners for the same reason.

Considering that this bonsai plant is originated from China and Japan and the fact that it is mostly found in the forest, you can simply put it in an area with similar weather.

If the climate in your living neighborhood is below 15°C, then you can store the ficus benjamina inside your house.

It is also recommended that you place it outside during the summer season. Another important thing to note about this type of ficus is that it require plenty of light. You can either place the plant in a place with plenty of natural light or provide it with enough household lighting.

Despite the fact that many hobbyists consider growing ficus benjamina bonsai very easy, you still have to be very careful when it comes to watering the plant. Many bonsai plants have to die just because they are over watered. Thus, it would be a lot safer for you to water you fig. only when the top center metre of the soil looks dry. Make sure that you check on it on a regular basis.

Ficus Retusa Bonsai

This type of ficus bonsai has turned out to be a universal favorite specifically to those who love indoor type of bonsai. This bonsai plant mostly comes with small, dark, oval foliage characteristics. It commonly has grey to reddish spotted trunk marked by specks that looks like a tiger. Other than that, this bonsai plant is easily recognized by its thick aerial roots. Some people wrongly consider it as the extension of the roots.


Ficus retusa bonsai is quite different from the benjamina especially when you notice the heavily curved trunk, extensive banyan roots, tiered layered style branches and the foliage that grows upright. Compared to the previous ficus variety, ficus benjamina bonsai require different treatments.

If you like to replace the pot of this fig, it would be best if you do it during the summer months. The room with 60 to 70°F is very friendly to this ficus and placing it outdoors when the temperature is less than 40 degrees would simply send it to its death.


Ficus bonsai and its varieties have become a favorite to many bonsai hobbyists and enthusiasts throughout the world. Before you choose the right type of ficus for yourself, make sure that dig out more information about all their requirements.

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